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Armagnac Duc Moisans Millésime 2000 01

Armagnac Duc Moisans Millésime 2000

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Eye: Luminescent amber. 

Nose: Dried flowers followed by berries, caramel and some tingling warm spices. 

Palate: Bursts of fresh fruit, oak wood, a little pepper and hints of licorice towards the finish.


Duc Moisans Millésime 2000: a New Millennium of Armagnac

The Armagnac Duc Moisans Millésime 2000 is a vintage Armagnac produced from grapes harvested in the autumn of the year 2000. It has been aged in fine-grained oak barrels for several years, allowing the eaux-de-vie to develop a deep color as well as complex aromas of oak and spice. This is a ‘très vieille’ reserve, which indicates it has been aged significantly longer than a traditional XO. Single harvest Armagnacs such as this represent beautiful snapshots of the past, giving a glimpse into the individual characteristics created by variations in rainfall, cloud cover and temperature. 

Armagnac is a grape brandy produced in the Gascony region of south-west France, between the Adour and Garonne rivers in the foothills of the Pyrenees, as it has been since at least the 15th century. The terroir here is a mixture of sand and clay, spread across rolling hills drenched in sunshine during the long summer - resulting in dark, rich and rustic eaux-de-vie with concentrated aromas. Traditionally produced using wines made from Colombard, Baco Blanc, Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc grapes, Armagnac is distilled in column stills rather than pot stills, and distilled only once. The resulting spirit is generally of a low ABV - as low as 52% - and is then aged in oak barrels before being bottled.

Presentation of the Bottle

This tall, classic bottle - reminiscent of the style popular during the 19th Century - features an elegant label with the vintage prominently displayed. Each bottle is individually numbered and comes sealed with red wax. A simple wooden box completes the package. This release makes an excellent gift, perfect for commemorating a millennium birthday or anniversary.

How to Serve

We recommend serving this elegant vintage Armagnac as a digestif alongside creamy desserts (think crème brûlée or pastries stuffed with custard) but it works equally well with a hot coffee or a cigar. Serve in tulip glasses, and allow the spirit to rest for up to a minute to let the aromas concentrate, expressing the full flavors of this single harvest. 

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