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Armagnac Clés des Ducs Trilogie

Superlative 97 /100
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Armagnac age
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Soft and smooth with almond and vanilla on the nose and hints of blossom. Refined and elegant with a complex body and notes of dried fruit in taste.


Armagnac Clés des Ducs Trilogie

Winner of the World’s Best Armagnac Award in 2018, Cles des Ducs Trilogy is an exceptional blend of eaux-de-vie from the respective vintage years of 1987, 1973 and 1999. The cellar master of Cles des Ducs has carefully selected the eaux-de-vie from each decade with care and precision in order to create a blend of outstanding quality and harmony. Inviting tasters to experience its aromas in full maturity, Armagnac Cles des Ducs Trilogy offers complex, long and lingering notes of candied fruit and rancio.

The Clés des Ducs Armagnacs come from plots located in the tawny sands, fiery lands located in the heart of Armagnac. Made from Ugni Blanc and old ancestral grape varieties, they reveal a whole tradition of nobility and elegance.

Presentation of the bottle

Armagnac Clés des Ducs Trilogy presents pure luxury and elegance through its stunning decanter and bespoke wooden frame. While the bottle itself is simplistic in form, an extravagant golden label offers opulence to the otherwise classic design work. Its wooden frame allows the bottle to stand out on display and inflicts an even further air of sophistication. A stand-out product perfect for the connoisseurs fond of vintage Armagnac.

How to enjoy

A vintage blend of Armagnac like this one is best appreciated neat at room temperature. Such a rare and unique product should be appreciated with utmost care and attention. Pour into a tulip glass and allow to breathe for a few minutes before tasting. The narrow neck of this type of glass ensures the aromas are well distributed and can evolve to their fullest potential. The perfect digestive to enjoy following an indulgent dinner with guests. Pair with a fine cigar of choice for a tipple worth remembering.


World’s Best Armagnac - World Armagnac Awards 2018

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