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Armagnac Bas Veuve LaFontan & ses Enfants 60 ans Doyen d'Age

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Eye: Hue of winter undergrowth in the forests of the Gers.

Nose: Exhales fragrances of game and saddle leather.

Palate: Striking initial taste, a profusion of flavours of rancio, truffle and carnation.


Armagnac Bas Veuve LaFontan & ses Enfants 60 ans Doyen d'Age

Armagnac Bas Veuve LaFontan & ses Enfants 60 ans Doyen d'Age is a spectacularly well matured Armagnac boasting character and finesse as a result of its long aging process of 60 years. Matured in oak barrels of 200 liters to 400 liters, the tannin wood and process of burning reveals unsuspected aromas which prevail even further once aging is complete. With explosive notes of rancio, truffle and carnation this Armagnac packs a punch worth tasting. A stunning one-of-a-kind collectors item and a dreamy addition to the connoisseurs spirits cabinet.

Veuve Lafontan & ses Enfants is a craft company that uses ancestral know-how to raise venerable eaux-de-vie as the product of years of hard-work and dedication. In the cellars of Veuve Lafontan, time stands still as patience is an ally meaning the curation of the vintage collection and well-aged blends in particular spend decades in oak barrels manifesting into Armagnac delights as the years pass by.

Presentation of the bottle

Dressed in a delicately elegant bottle, this Armagnac proves it's what’s on the inside that matters the most. Showcasing its beautiful coppery hues, the armagnac is the color of winter undergrowth found in the forests of the Gers. Silver accents feature on the embossed bottle and display box offering a chic finishing touch to the bottle’s minimalist design.

How to enjoy

A well-aged 60 year old Armagnac like this one is best appreciated neat at room temperature. Such a rare and unique product should be appreciated with utmost care and attention. Pour 60 Ans Doyen d’Age into a tulip glass and allow to breathe for a few minutes before tasting. The narrow neck of this type of glass ensures the aromas are well distributed and can evolve to their fullest potential. The perfect digestive to enjoy following an indulgent dinner with guests. Pair with a fine cigar of choice for a tipple worth remembering.

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