Larsen Viking Ship Sky Blue Cognac

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Larsen Cognac

The Larsen Viking Ship Sky Blue continues the wonderful series of decanters and Fine Champagne Cognac so sought after by collectors. This exclusive presentation of the viking ship in a delightful sky blue color is, and, as are all in the series, made from the very best Porcelaine de Limoges with hand painted 24-carat gold decoration. The design and decoration remains faithful to the original 1952 creation.

The Cognac contained within the decanter is no less of a work of art: a comnbination of eaux-de-vie from both Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. The resulting blend is a special, smooth, delicate Cognac with a floral bouquet. In keeping with the originality of the decanter, the recipe for the Cognac itself has also remained unchanged since it was created in 1952. The perfect addition to a collection, or a delightful gift for the art lover or Cognac connoisseur.

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Cognac BeBe

I was very pleased with the shipment,not only it was delivered on time, but it was in very good condition, no damage, plus I loved the bottle's design, color, style, it was exceptional. I loved the smell and the taste was very smooth and very exquisite . Overall i'm definitely gonna order again from Cognac Expert. Thank you

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Larsen Viking Ship Sky Blue

Larsen Viking Ship Sky Blue

No tasting review available.

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