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Cognac is a versatile and complex drink. We offer a unique and sophisticated universe with the broadest range of Cognacs you can find, from small artisanal producers to popular brands. Refine your search by choosing the age, price, growth area, brand, and/or bottle size of your Cognac. This will help you make a personalized purchase. Our experience over the years has been that our customers appreciate a little guidance when it comes to choosing their Cognac.

It takes a while until you find a blend you love, or one that is a great gift for family, friends, or colleagues. There’s a difference between getting your dad a special Cognac for Father’s day and giving an unusual and classy Christmas present to your employees, just as an example. Everyone’s taste is different, that is why we are passionate defenders of a large variety of Cognacs. We believe that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to this beautiful spirit. One person might experience an XO Cognac as being “too sweet”, another might find it “extremely smooth”, and yet another “very mature in taste”. Some like the fruitiness of a young blend, while others find that spicy. And then there’s the discussion about the best way to enjoy Cognac.

Again, there’s no reason to believe that the only way to drink Cognac is neat in front of the fireplace. It is one way, of course, but it’s also absolutely fine to enjoy a good VSOP Cognac on the rocks, or keep a bottle of Napoleon in the freezer to serve with dessert at the end of a glamorous dinner party. Cognac has different growth areas, the Grande Champagne and the Petite Champagne bring located at the heart of the Cognac region. They are said to be the prime growth areas, but there is enough proof that Cognacs that originate from the Borderies, for example, or from the Fins Bois or Bon Bois terroirs, can be equally good. It goes back to the question of taste. The grapes growing in these different areas have different characteristics and aromas, and therefore result in a diversity of eaux-de-vie.

The age of the blend is very important as well. The longer an eau-de-vie is aged in an oak barrel, the more it takes on the aromas of the wood. It also depends on the age of the barrel itself. When the oak is young, it give off stronger notes of wood than it would if it were used for years. We are here to help you find your favorite Cognacs within your ideal price range.

If you want to learn more about Cognac, read our reviews and blog articles.

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