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Tasting Box Mixologist : Ginetic Gin, Canoubier Rum, Deau URB'N

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Eye: Crisp, clean and clear.

Nose: Fresh citrus and a distinct ginger kick.

Palate: Notes of berries and botanicals, specifically cilantro, pepper, lemon peep, angelica and cinchona bark.

Canoubier Rum

Eye: Shimmering amber. 

Nose: Notes of vanilla and coconut followed by a distinct aroma of currants.

Palate: An explosion of spices, vanilla and grilled banana, evolving toward notes of mahogany. Rich and structure with prominent notes of candied tropical fruits. The finish is long, reminiscent of old Cognac.

DEAU Urb'n

Eye: Dancing golden yellow color.

Nose: Fresh and floral aromas of white rose and sprigs of mint.

Palate: Generous and supple, with notes of white pepper.


N.B. These products can be shipped together with all other products from Cognac Moisans, Deau, and Roland Bru.

A Mixology Medley by Moisans - GINETIC Dry Gin, Canoubier Extra Fine Rum and Deau URB’N De Luxe Cognac

The Mixologist Tasting Box by La Distillerie de Moisans brings together three of their most popular products in a unique collection destined for mixologists and craft connoisseurs. This particular set includes three 20 cl (6.7 fl. oz) bottles:

  1. GINETIC Dry Gin
  2. Canoubier Extra Fine Rum
  3. Deau URB’N De Luxe Cognac

The Distillerie des Moisans, located in a small hamlet between Cognac and Angouleme, has been run by the Blu Legaret Family for three generations. Distillation, aging and bottling all happen on site, ensuring quality control at every step of the creative process. The family has harnessed the ancestral expertise they have honed over the years, now applying the tradition and legacy of their predecessors to produce a premium range of craft spirits, which appeal to both mixologists and the modern drinker.

- GINETIC Dry Gin, a recent launch by Moisans, is a small-batch, handcrafted gin that is well and truly "made in France". Revealing notes of fresh citrus and a distinct touch of ginger, it makes a sublime spirit base to a cocktail, with bartenders appreciating both its beautiful design and bold flavors. 

GINETIC Dry Gin is double-distilled in Charentais stills, utilizing Moisans' Cognac craftsmanship to produce a level of purity and crisp, clean flavors. The Dry Gin is gently heated in a bain-marie, soaking up subtle notes of berries and herbs. The broad selection of botanicals will surely inspire any mixologist passionate about gin, with notes of juniper, Jamaican pepper, lemon peel, Spanish cilantro, angelica and cinchona bark.

- Canouber Extra Fine Rum is made using the highest quality sugar cane, sourced direct from the Caribbean, and produced using the purest and most traditional methods, ensuring authenticity with every single sip. Using the skills and savoir-faire of Distillerie de Moisan's cellar master, Canoubier Rum is expertly distilled before being finished in former Cognac barrels, where they age delicately in Limousin oak.

The Canoubier Extra Fine Caribbean Rum is the ideal spirit base for cocktails, and has been conceived with mixology in mind. Its aromatic diversity will work wonders on any creation, expressing fragrant notes of coconut, vibrant fruit and subtle wood flavors. Even when enjoyed neat, this unique creation from Moisans will take your tastebuds to the tropics in an instant, with exotic aromas and equally exciting flavors on the palate.

- Deau URB'N De Luxe Cognac is a craft VS Cognac that reveals fresh and floral aromas of white rose and mint. Double-distilled, it has been aged for a minimum of two years in French oak casks and combines the innovation of the new craft Cognac movement with the heritage of the Deau estate's rich history. This unique Cognac took home the Gold Medal in 2019 in the Spirits Selection category at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

The refreshing and refined qualities of the URB'N De Luxe Cognac make it the perfect ingredient in a cocktail, and can be mixed into both short and long drinks. Its versatility has proved popular with mixologists the world over, and is a great alternative to bigger name brands like Hennessy or Martell. Bartenders have been pushing the boundaries in Cognac cocktail creation in recent years, and URB'N De Luxe is set to be a popular choice in bars thanks to its fresh and floral bouquet.

Presentation of the Bottle:

The small 20cl bottles are perfect replicas of their 750 ml versions, with whimsical and contemporary designs that showcase the craftsmanship and modern vision of the Distillerie de Moisans. The selection comes in a unique parchment-colored presentation box with a metal clasp. These handcrafted spirits would make an ideal gift for a cocktail bartender or mixologist.

How to Enjoy:

All three spirits can be enjoyed neat, however as this is a Mixologist tasting box, the selection has been conceived with cocktail creation in mind.

Cocktail recommendations for each of the products can be found here for GINETIC Dry Gin, here for Canoubier Extra Fine Rum and here for URB'N De Luxe Cognac.

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