Marancheville Discovery Set Cognac

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Marancheville Cognac

The Marancheville Cognac Discovery Set is a wonderful way to discover this innovative Cognac house.  And purchasing the three full sized bottles that make up the set represents an incredible saving than if you were to purchase each one individually.

The set comprises the following:

1 x 700ml bottle Marancheville Grande Champagne VSOP Cognac

The youngest Cognac produced by Marancheville, it's powerful yet offers a freshness and complexity that makes it really versatile to own.  Enjoy it neat, over ice, or with a mixer - the choice is yours.

Bright golden in color, it offers aromatic notes of pasries and dried linden, followed by a palate that developes into wonderful fruit and honeysuckle tones.

1 x 700ml bottle Marancheville 10 Years Grande Champagne Cognac

As the name suggests, this is a Grande Champagne delight aged for 10 years.  Delicate and mature, this is a wonderful Cognac to enjoy in the traditional manner as a digestif.  On the eye it's a pleaseing dark amber color, and the nose teases with delicate hints of sweet spices, nuts, and rancio.  The palate is smooth, pleasant, and light.

1 x 700ml bottle Marancheville Grande Champagne XO Cognac

This really is a great Cognac, perfectly showcasing the style of the house of Marancheville.  This blend is made up of eaux-de-vies that are a minimum of three decades old.  It's everything you'd expect - and more - of such a well aged Cognac. The nose offers spicy aromas of candied orange and nuts.  This is followed by a real dance of flavors on the palate, with perfect b alance between both fruity and woody tones.  On the finish, the rancio is clearly apparent, providing the perfect finale to the taste sensation.

The Marancheville XO Grande Champagne Cognac a blend of premier cru eaux-de-vies that have been aged for over 30 years.  As one would expect from such a quality, the cognac boasts wonderful notes of rancio (a taste that only occurs through extended aging).

The perfect set to find out more about what is becoming a much sought after Cognac producer.  One for both the novice and the connoisseur.

Cognac age:
VSOP, XO & 10 years
Growth area:
Grande Champagne
Bottle size:

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Tasting Notes

This set consists of three full size (700ml) bottles:

The Marancheville Grande Champagne VSOP Cognac

The Marancheville 10 Years Grande Champagne Cognac

The Marancheville Grande Champagne XO Cognac

Deau Cognac

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Marancheville Discovery Set

Marancheville Discovery Set

This set consists of three full size (700ml) bottles:

The Marancheville Grande Champagne VSOP Cognac

The Marancheville 10 Years Grande Champagne Cognac

The Marancheville Grande Champagne XO Cognac

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