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A De Fussigny Coffret VSOP Collection

A De Fussigny Coffret VSOP Cognac Collection

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A de Fussigny Cognac
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Tasting set, containing five different VSOP Cognacs


The A de Fussigny Coffret VSOP Collection is an excellent way in which to own five wonderful Cognacs, and indeed a superb introduction to this high quality brand.

Each bottle is 20ml in size, and offers an ingenious way in which to compare and contrast four of the different growth areas of the Cognac region In addition, an organic bottle is also included, providing a delicious introduction into the small, but gradually growing, production of Cognac using no chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides during the complete Cognac creation process.

The set comprises the following:

Borderies: The smallest of all the terroirs, this is a great example of how these soils that impart tones of violets and nuts on the grapes grown here. Unique only to this growth area, it's a phenomenon that has to be tasted toi be fully appreciated.

Grande Champagne: The 'daddy' of all the terroirs, and referred to as the premier cru. Eau-de-vie from this area is round, mature, and sophisticated.

Petite Champagne: These soils border Grande Champagne, and Cognac from here shares many of the same attributes of its neighbor. However, Petite Champagne Cognacs offer an edginess of their own, making them sought after in their own right.

Fins Bois: For many, Cognacs from Fins Bois are somewhat of a lesser known quantity. But not for long, because these eaux-de-vie are being sought out by many, thanks to the delicious taste and high quality aromatic delights they offer.

Pure Organic: In a world of 'have it all and damn the consequences', it's so refreshing to see the emergence of more and more organic products. And the A de Fussigny Pure Organic is a wonderful way in which to not only enjoy such a fresh and natural taste, but to also lessen your own impact on our world's fragile environment.

A great tasting set, one that's a perfect introduction to the brand of A de Fussigny, or as a present to anyone who loves the finer things in life.

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About A de Fussigny Cognac

A de Fussigny cognacs are beautifully elaborated in the company’s own distillery, founded in 1814 in the historical center of Cognac, France, on the banks of the Charente River. The river proximity creates a perfect hygrometry in the cellars and accordingly excellent aging conditions. The house hallmark is to combine traditional elaboration methods with a very modern and innovative packaging and brand image. The proximity to the river make for perfect hygrometry and allows the aromas of the to unfold. The product design is extremely different to that of traditional cognacs, the information on the cognac, such as age, name, percentage etc. is handwritten on the label, which makes it very personal.

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