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Cognac: the most precious & complex of spirits. With hundreds of brands, ranging from the extravagant to the affordable, Cognac Expert helps navigate this fascinating world, both for purchasing choices & personal information.

Why are there so many Cognac brands?

Each producer, or house, has a unique approach to creating this iconic French spirit. The person responsible for this is called the Cellar Master, and it’s his or her skill and peculiarities that embody the character of the house.

Cognac Expert showcases the largest online range of brands available to purchase in a single place. We provide detailed information about the individualities of producers, from the largest right down to the smallest. This enables both Cognac education, as well as helping buyers make a truly informed purchasing decision.

And be aware that it’s no longer necessary to only choose Cognac from a certain growth area. You can search in multiple ways, including by vintage year, by taste preference, or even by the fact that a house produces only Cognac created in a wholly organic method.

The ‘Big Four’

Without a doubt, the names that are most heard of on a global scale are Hennessy, Remy Martin, Courvoisier, and Martell. These are the largest Cognac houses in terms of production and worldwide exposure.

Between them they account for an incredible 90% of the worldwide market. And Hennessy is the most prolific of all.  

As with market leaders in all fields, purchasing one of these big names comes at a premium. The savvy Cognac drinker understands that whilst these large producers have some outstanding Cognacs, it can often prove advantageous to experiment with some of the lesser-known houses.

Trending brands

As Cognac continues its rise in popularity, the big players are feeling the pressure as other producers vie to take their share of the market. Names such as Pierre Ferrand, Camus, and Hine are now real players, offering a range of Cognacs that’s proving hugely popular the world over. And as they become ever-more well known, so their marketing power allows them to snap hungrily at the heels of the market leaders.

Small is beautiful

At Cognac Expert, we fully appreciate the might and experience of the large Cognac brands. But we’re also staunch supporters of small, artisan brands. And we love to raise awareness of such producers to our global reach of readers.  

For example, if you want a vintage Cognac, then discover the ranges offered by Grosperrin, Raymond Ragnaud, Park, and Lheraud. If you want to ride the organic wave, then try Cognacs by the houses of Jean-Luc Pasquet, Peyrat, and Leopold Gourmel.  And for the uber-trendy, ‘craft’ Cognacs, check out Bourgoin, Bache Gabrielsen, and Guy Pinard.

Explore the maze…

…that is the delicious world of Cognac brands. Cognac Expert’s aim is to provide a simple way of understanding more about each individual producer, their wares, and to introduce houses that you might not yet have heard of.  You can search A-Z, by individual brand, age category, upcoming and innovative, the most awarded Cognacs, by small or craft producers, and of course by the most popular and the best value for money. It’s your Cognac, your journey. And the friendly team at Cognac Expert will do their utmost to guide you every step of the way.

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