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Cognac: the most precious & complex of spirits. With hundreds of brands, ranging from the extravagant to the affordable, Cognac Expert helps navigate this fascinating world, both for purchasing choices & personal information.

Why are there so many Cognac brands?

Each producer, or house, has a unique approach to creating this iconic French spirit. The person responsible for this is called the Cellar Master, and it’s his or her skill and peculiarities that embody the character of the house.

Cognac Expert showcases the largest online range of brands available to purchase in a single place. We provide detailed information about the individualities of producers, from the largest right down to the smallest. This enables both Cognac education, as well as helping buyers make a truly informed purchasing decision.

From well-known big Cognac houses Hennessy and Martell to midsized brands such as Hine, Delamain, and small producers like Tesseron and Daniel Bouju.

So if you wonder what are the best Cognac brands: You will have to find out yourself. We're here to help!

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