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Cognac Staub, or as it is known today, Maison A. STAUB & CIE, has been in the business of cognac and brandy since 1858. Still carrying the name of its founder, the cognac house is very much a forerunner of all things to do with the development and the export of brandies. Today Staub not only produces a range of cognacs and brandies, but also provides a tailor made service for those who want an individual product. To this end they cater for individual, complex blends, small barrel aging, and aging and validation procedures carried out by independent COFRAC-certified laboratories.

Visit Staub: Le Chillot, 16130 Saint-Preuil, +33 (0)545324616, No visiting information available. www.staubcognac.frOther products by Staub: Brandy

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Staub Cognac

Staub Cognac

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History of Cognac Staub

It was 1858 when the Swiss businessman, Auguste Staub, set up the company known as A. STAUB & Cie. Producing high quality white wines from vineyards in both the south and north-west of the Cognac region, Staub was one of the first people to step slightly aside from what was then accepted as standard cognac producing practice. Thus, when phylloxera swept through the vineyards in 1876, Staub had already stockpiled substantial reserves, and also spread his supply chain to drawing his product from vineyard areas less affected by the disease.

Auguste spent a great deal of time traveling, bringing his product to the attention of consumers and businesses in many different countries. These included his home country of Switzerland, as well as Germany and Belgium. By using the skills of cognac creation to create fine liquor, Staub’s company began to carve itself a solid reputation for the high quality brandies it produced.

Staub’s offensive marketing techniques, along with the top quality product produced, saw the company become well-known throughout Europe. Indeed, in 1889 the company was awarded with a gold medal for its cognacs at the Paris Universal Exhibition.  Auguste’s descendants continued with what he had started, working hard to make the name of Staub Cognac and brandy a worldwide name.

Staub Cognac Today

Today, Staub Cognac is well known across the globe. The company has particularly targeted regions such as Russia, West Africa, Hong Kong and the Caribbean, as well as many countries in Europe. It boasts an enormous storage capacity, complying to the strict cognac and brandy regulations of both France and Europe. 

This is carried out in two separate ways: The first is in traditional Limousin oak barrels. The second is in stainless steel vats that have a storage capacity of 800,000 litres in total. Much time and money has been invested into ensuring that Staub Cognacs facilities are cutting edge. The cognac house has invested heavily in investment of the most up to date storage and aging facilities.

The company not only produces fine cognacs and brandies, but also offers a unique and bespoke service for those individuals, who wish to age and/or blend their eaux-de-vie to specific requirements. This means you can order your very own, tailored, cognac, which ages in barrels until it is ready to be bottled and shipped to you wherever you are in the world.

News, Products and Price

Staub produce a range of brandies and cognacs from a VS through to XO. Their cognacs, such as the Cognac Francois 1er XO and the Cognac Francois 1er VSOP are produced in beautifully shaped decanters with elegant gold colored stoppers and labeling.  

They also produce various brandies – such as the Brandy French Club XO 15 Year Old.  

Cognac Staub’s products range in price from around €15 per bottle upwards, some bottles are very reasonably priced.

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