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The cognac house of Roullet & Fils has a long and rich history. Indeed, the Roullet family were some of the very first to sell cognacs in glass bottles in Paris back in the 18th century. Vineyards and working the vines are in the blood of this long line of wine makers, and they first owned vineyards in the region of Cognac as far back as 1772.

Visit Roullet et Fils: 46-48 Rue d'Isly, 16100 Cognac, +33 (0)545361600, No visiting information available.

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Carole 2013-07-18

I have a bottle at home of Roullet Cognac Amber Gold No. 02931. I would like to know what it is worth. Thank you!

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    Roullet et Fils Cognac

    Roullet et Fils Cognac

    History of Cognac Roullet et Fils

    It was down to one Paul Frederic Roullet who, after surviving the massacre of the French Revolution, eventually managed to gain a licence from the Republic in 1791 to be able to distil wine. He then went on to become a liquor supplier to the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Roullet & Fils Cognac Today

    Today the cognac house produces a range of cognac – many of which are unblended and represent good value for money. From the Roullet & Fils Amber Gold ***VS Cognac right through to an exclusive range of very old and rare Roullet & Fils Tres Rare Cognacs, that are denoted by a number at the end of the name, this is a small artisan house that provides a cognac suitable for virtually every occasion.One interesting point to note is that the house prides itself on the fact that all of their cognacs are aged for at least twice the legal amount of time to qualify for the age status.

    News, Products and Prices

    Prices for Roullett & Fils Cognac start at around €35 euros per bottle for the youngest VS.

    Visit Roullet & Fils Cognac

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