Remy Martin Cognac

Remy Martin Cognac

This established Cognac house has been around since 1724, for nearly 300 years, producing exquisite Fine Champagne Cognac and eau-de-vie de Vin. Fine Champagne is the category of the highest quality in Cognac production. With products such as its famous blend Louis XIII, the house of Rémy with the black centaur logo on its bottles has found international acclaim and has seen an exciting history of family feuds, mergers - and in recent years - a boom in US popular culture.

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Visit Remy Martin: 20, rue de la Societe Vinicole ,16100 Cognac ,Visit Rémy Martin all year around for exciting tours, tastings and thematic masterclasses.


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Interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Rémy Martin

1. Is Remy Martin champagne? No - the growth area of Cognacs come from the Fine Champagne, which uses eaux-de-vie from both the Grande and Petite Champagne crus. They are terroirs used for Cognac production only, not champagne - despite the name.

2. Remy Martin is the only Cognac house founded by a winemaker in 1724.

Remy Martin Timeline History

3. Rémy Martin is now part of the Rémy Cointreau group, a powerful company with various luxury products in their range and an international distribution network.

4. Pierette Richet is Rémy Martin’s cellar master, one of the few women in this industry. She’s only the fourth cellar master in 100 years, that is how much the tradition of the house of Rémy Martin has been kept alive through the generations.

5. Like in any grand family tradition there was a feud… André Renaud senior had written in his will that his older daughter Anne-Marie would inherit 51 percent of the company, and his younger daughter Genevieve 49 percent. Anne-Marie married André Hériard Dubreuil (who then ran Rémy Martin) and Genevieve married Max Cointreau, of the popular French liquor company.

6. Rémy Martin has developed a clear spirit, the Rémy Martin V. Instead of aging in oak barrels, the eau-de-vie goes through an ice-cold filtration process. It has hints of pear and fresh mint and in fact, tastes more like vodka than Cognac.

7. Remy Martin VSOP is the first Fine Champagne VSOP ever created.

8. The famous Louis XIII Cognac is originally made with precious Baccarat crystal.

History of Rémy Martin

Originally a winegrower, Rémy Martin founded the company in 1724. He implanted a strong family tradition; the business continued to be run by family members throughout the generations to come.

Remy Martin History Buildings

All of them continued Rémy Martin’s passion for Cognac and had a strong commitment to quality. By purchasing additional neighboring parcels of land in the excellent winegrowing area just outside of the town of Cognac in 1774, the family extended their activities to become one of the prime Cognac producers in the region.
The essence of this success lies in the creation of Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac, blended and registered by Paul Emile Rémy Martin in 1874 with the subheading “Tres Grande Champagne”.
The family tradition sadly came to an end in the early 1900s due to financial problems relating to the business. André Renaud from Gensac-la-Pallue saved the company by bringing in external funds and running it until his death in 1965.
His son-in-law, André Hériard Dubreuil took over after his death, successively turning the company into an international player, for instance by introducing “Rémy Associés”, a worldwide distribution network for alcoholic beverages, including its own products as well as other selected labels of liquor, wine, and spirits.
The marriage between Genevieve Martin and Max Cointreau was said to be the beginning of the collaboration between Rémy Martin and Cointreau until they finally merged in 1990 as Rémy Cointreau.
Needless to say, there were numerous feuds involved in this complex family undertaking, but the companies came out stronger and extremely successful on the other end, even though the financial crisis of the early nineties slowed down its rocketing start.

Rémy Martin Today

Today, the merging of Rémy Martin with Cointreau in 1990 can only be regarded as an important development in the company’s development to international acclaim. Its very own distribution network is firmly in place since 2009 (after having been associated with distributors such as Maxxium, Vin & Spirit, and Beam Global Brands).

Rémy Cointreau owns additional brands Picon, an orange-based aperitif, the rums of Saint James de Martinique and Mount Gay, the Scotch Whiskey Glenturret, the fruit flavored liqueurs Péché Mignon and Passoa, the champagne labels Krug, Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck and others.

Vincent Gere is the director of the cognac house and the estate. The visitor numbers reach 200.000 each year, among them many American tourists. 

Rémy Martin Prices

The price of Rémy Martin bottles differs: The offer goes from young, cheaper Cognac to very, very old bottles - at its price.

To buy Rémy Martin VSOP, the price is at about € 40, the XO Excellence price is  € 160 and how much is the price of Rémy Martin Louis XIII? Around € 1800. The bottle of Remy Martin VS can be purchased for a price of around € 25 to € 30.

Latest Campaigns

The Louis Cognac has been reimagined on multiple occasions - the most recent of which is the Louis XIII Black Pearl edition in 2019. The decanter is dedicated to Andre Heriard Dubreuil and is a cutting-edge steel color. 

They created a Cannes Film Festival Limited Edition of the Remy Martin XO in 2018 to celebrate the festival. It was created with the famous Remy centaur adorned in golden and black dots on the box.

Remy Martin has gained quite a reputation for itself in the world of hip hop and rap music. Musician and producer Pharrell Williams collaborated with the brand to create a ‘100 Years’ edition Cognac - they announced that Pharrell has locked away his latest song in a vault, to be revealed in the year 2117.

If that’s not interesting enough - Remy Martin created the biggest bottle of Cognac ever in collaboration with Salmanazar; the prestigious Louis XIII Cognac. 

Labels and Other Products

Rémy also boasts a range of other products, for instance, the classic Pineau des Charentes or Remy Red, a touch of cognac infused with a mix of red berries, peaches and apricots.

In 2017, Louis XIII releases Remy Martin Louis XIII Legacy Cognac combining the legend of XIII with the ‘legacy’ of the house of Remy Martin. Everything to do with any Cognac created is down to the skill of the cellar master. And over the centuries, only five super-talented people have ever held this illustrious position at Remy Martin.

Remy Martin labels

This limited edition Cognac is presented in its famous crystal decanter with fleur de lys shaped stopper within a delightful presentation case. But what makes Legacy so special is that the decanter sports autographs of four of the five above-mentioned cellar masters: Baptiste Loiseau, Pierrette Trichet, Andre Giraud, and Georges Clot.

Only 500 of this delightful limited edition has been produced, truly making it one for the collectors. Read more about Louis XIII Legacy on our blog.

Visit Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin offers a variety of guided tours, tastings and thematic masterclasses. Visits begin with a ride in a small train around the premises, with stops at the cellars, the vineyards and finally the historical estate and the distillery.

Visiting hours for the Remy Martin tour are from April to October, Monday to Saturday (except on public holidays) and on Sundays (only from June 15 to September 15), from 9.45am to 11.15am and from 1.30pm to 5.15pm. From July 1 to September 15 visits are from 10am to 5.30pm without break. Under 18 year-olds have free entry.

Visit the website of Remy Martin.


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B.Young 2017-02-21


Ronald Green 2013-05-21

My bottle has been in my possession for 15 years. Early 1960's. Second edition of "âge inconnu" I have a bottle of Louis XIII, unopened and with stopper for sale. They are etched with the number 164. My research indicates that this bottle is from the late 50's to the the early 60's. No box. I am located in South Carolina USA Photos available in "my bottle". Accepting offers.

Eddy 2013-05-07

Anybody is interested in centaure cristal decanter of 1982 with cert no?

John Marcus 2013-04-09

After the China scandal, I'm sad to say I could clearly smell the plastic in Remy Martin's 1738. Believe me, I fought it...did not want to acknowledge it. But it reminds me of blowing up an old style air mattress or a kid's toy "floating" device at the pool. I feel like I've known something was "harsh tasting" in it for a while...but it didn't come together for me until the China situation. Sad. I live in the USA and really wanted "the real pure thing"...Hennessy Privilege is a little better...but I'm concerned about it as well. MY QUESTION IS...HOW CAN WE FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS SITUATION. I WANT TO KEEP BUYING COGNAC...BUT I JUST NOW POURED OUT 2/3 BOTTLE OF 1738. THAT HURT ME...BUT I CAN'T DRINK DISSOLVED PLASTIC. PUBLISH THE TRUTH ON THIS...AND YOU WILL SAVE THE FRENCH SPIRITS INDUSTRY. Tomorrow...03/25/13...I plan to buy a local brandy that I have more confidence in. Help!!!

Peter Morley 2013-04-09

I have come across a bottle of Remy Martin VS Petite Fine Champagne Cognac The lable reads Produce of France 70proof 24fl.oz. 68.2cl. The rear label shows a map of the Champagne district I am guessing it was produced 70,s/80,s The concave base has the letter A, and the rim of the base reads Remy Martin & co Cognac LTD I would like to know if it is saleable and approx value

Cigar Ole 2012-09-23

Martina: "How was the the slogan for advertising Remy Martin in the Seventies and Eighties. I am translator translating a novel. The meaning of the sentence in English is "When opening a bottle of Remy Martin the good things will come of its own..." Remy Martin Louis XIII is the third biggest rip-off within the cognac industry. imagine how much it costs to give the world the above message! Who is paying for the worldwide extensive marketing? You are! Is it improving the quality of the cognac? No. A costly bottle just means less money left for the quality inside the bottle. At 1/10 the price you can buy much better cognac. I recommend: Leopold Gourmel 15 carats, Delamain XO, Jean Fillioux Tres Vieux. Skip Louis XIII, buy all three bottles, invite your friend to a Michelin Restaurant and save money!

Vincent 2012-09-04

Does anyone have Remy Martin XO Premier Cru 50ml (mini) for sale? Had been looking for it for a while. Email me at Thanks

Martina 2012-06-29

Dear Sophie and Max, may I asked you an question? How was the the slogan for advertising Remy Martin in the Seventies and Eighties. I am translator translating a novel. The meaning of the sentence in English is "When opening a bottle of Remy Martin the good things will come of its own" - I need this slogan in German language, I got it only in Chinese that is the novels language. Do you know this slogan or could you give me a contact where I can ask? Thank you so much!

Daniel 2012-06-18

Hi, I've received a bottle of Remy Martin XO as a wedding gift. I am not a big drinker especially with high quality drinks like this. I have never had this drink before so i don't know how to drink it. Like i said i am not a big drinker so should i mix it with something or drink it straight? I am a little worried to drink it straight because i may not like it straight up.

Jimmy nguyen 2012-06-18

I would like to sell your products or become one of your distrubutor I have a costumer want about 2 of the 40' container a month which is about 360 cases a month for all cognac brand if you could please email me more information or any requirement to sell your goods. Thank you very much!

Leo 2012-04-17

you should drink it in room temperature and savor the flavor as the cognac envelopes your mouth, throat and stomach

graciela 2012-03-14

I wonder if you should drink this cognac at room temperature or cold like champagne, because I bought a bottle of cognac and I have not touched it yet.

Lily 2012-03-08

Hi Peter, there are special deals for company visit, you can go to to contact the visit manager. Enjoy

Peter 2012-01-08

What would be the best way to visit Rémy Martin? I heard they have exciting new opportunities and business programs. I work for a company that could imagine renting some of their spaces etc. - thanks for any input

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