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Prulho Cognac

For the past 50 years, the name of Prulho has been associated with the finest distillation equipment in the business. Their expertise in providing machinery and knowledge for the complete process of distillation sees their distilleries not only in the Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados areas of France, but in countries throughout the world. These include the USA, China, Bolivia, Italy, Japan and South Africa. This very specialized know-how and experience in distillation procedures is put to use with Cognac Prulho – and a complete range of cognacs under the company banner.

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History of Cognac Prulho

Chalvignac Prulho Distillation is based in Merpins, Cognac, and was set up over half a century ago by Robert Prulho. Soon ably assisted by his son Richard, they design and manufacture the complete distillation devices for the production of premium spirits. From traditional pot stills, technical controllers and supervision systems, two generations of the Prulho family provided the art and expertise that have gone into making the company a well-known brand in the business.

As producers of premium spirits around the world recognized the quality of Prulho’s products, some of the most prestigious names in cognac began to take notice. From 2003, Chalvignac Prulho Distillation have been associated with some of the most famous names in cognac, with Martell and Hennessy using Prulho distillation systems to create their eaux-de-vie.

Cognac Prulho Today

With 50 years of experience, the current family team of father and son decided that it was time to produce cognac under their own brand name, and so Cognac Prulho was born. Priding themselves in creating cognac of exceptional quality but keeping firmly to the traditional methods, the company unveiled its first products in 2006. Providing a complete range from VS through to Hors d'Age, these superior blends were presented at the 2011 Vinexpo in Bordeaux.

Prulho’s premium ranges are created with grapes from the Grande and Petite Champagne regions of Cognac and as such have been given AOC recognition of cognacs produced from Fine Champagne. Their other products also include grapes from other growing areas in the cognac region.

News, Products and Old Labels

Cognac Prulho has burst onto the market with a great selection of cognacs. These include various VS and VSOP, along with an XO and a Hors d’Age. Their two flagship products, “Desir” and “Tentation”, come in luxurious crystal cone shaped decanters. “Desir” pays tribute to the origin of cognac - with delicately designed golden grapes gracing the exterior of the crystal. “Tentation” is encased in a similar shaped decanter with a delicate vine leaf atop.  Inside the bottle itself, cradled by the eaux-de-vie, is a crystal pearl. This is representative of the “part des anges”, the ‘angels share,’ that evaporates during the long ageing process that every cognac undergoes.

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