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Pierre De Segonzac Cognac

Pierre De Segonzac Cognac

This Cognac house was founded by Pierre de Segonzac. Pierre came from a traditional family of bouilleur de cru (a Cognac maker who distils only its own harvest) who settled in Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne growth area Cognac (Cognac's 1st Cru) ever since 1702. The portrait of Pierre is rather fittingly used as the company's logo, but today, Pierre's grandson Pablo Ferrand runs the family estate vineyards in La Nérolle, Segonzac. The family still distils its wine, ages its eau-de-vie with the same care and tradition as in the old days. Christian, Pablo's father is in charge of customer service and distribution - all over the world. Pierre would have surely been very proud to see the revival of his cherished brand and how it runs today. 

Visit Pierre De Segonzac: La Nérolle ,16130 Segonzac ,+33 (0)546302214 ,Visiting information not available.

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History of Cognac

Pierre de Segonzac Making the town of Segonzac his home, Maison Pierre de Segonzac established its vineyard on the chalky soils of the finest Grande Champagne region in 1702. The house has been passed down through the generations, each staying faithful to the traditional methods of the founders all those years ago.

Cognac Pierre de Segonzac Today

Pierre’s grandson, Pablo, now runs the house. Ugni-blanc grapes cover the whole of the estate’s 75 acres, and Pierre de Segonzac Cognac is one of a dwindling number of family-run cognac producers left. To survive in this fiercely competitive industry, the house produces only the oldest and the most prestigious of products. You won’t find a bottle of Pierre de Segonzac any younger than 7 years, as this is the minimum aging period they allow for their cognacs before they can be used as part of a blend. As a result, and proud to continue in the ways of old, Pierre de Segonzac Cognacs are only bottled and sold to order.

News, Products & Old Labels

Pierre de Segonzac’s Cognacs range from a VSOP upwards, with the jewel in the house’s crown being “Ancestrale”. With only a strictly limited number of bottles released each year, this ancient Cognac is produced purely from eaux-de-vie made by the family’s ancestors who saved barrels of their finest nectar for future generations.

Visit Pierre de Segonzac Cognac

There is currently no information available about visiting the Pierre de Segonzac Cognac Estate. Please contact the brand directly for further information.

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