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Pierre Croizet Cognac

Pierre Croizet Cognac

Consisting of 30 hectares of vineyards around a typical Charentaise farm, the Maison Pierre Croizet extends over time. The Cognac house is in the heart of the village, Lantin, near Jarnac. It is a privileged terroir of the Fins Bois cru which benefits from the clay-limestone limits of the Champagne lands.

The entire production is dedicated to the manufacture of cognacs and pineau des Charentes. This family Cognac house of 9 generations has been conducting its vineyard in organic farming for over 20 years. Léopold has been at the head of the property since 2001, he decided to put forward the deep values that have been transmitted to him: "making a quality cognac starts with a reflection on the environment and on time". For him, the future lies in the preservation of his heritage and the deep conviction that the notion of "good farming sense" must regain its place in the work of the land.

Visit Pierre Croizet: 30, rue d'Angoulême ,16200 Triac-Lautrait ,+33 (0)545358810 ,No visiting information available. Other products by Pierre Croizet: Pineau des Charentes


History of Pierre Croizet Cognac

The house of Pierre Croizet Cognac has a history that reaches back to before the time when the Phylloxera crisis devastated the vineyards of France. One phenomenon that makes Pierre Croizet Cognac stand out in the distinctly masculine cognac world is the fact that there have been many strong willed and influential female members of the family that have been in charge. Not only that, but they occupied extremely authoritative positions in the business, and have helped steer Pierre Croizet Cognac to where it is today.

Back when Phylloxera cast its shadow over the vines of Cognac, it was Amelina Croizet who was pivotal in ensuring that the family’s vineyards survived. She passed this fighting spirit on down through the generations, and many of the Croizet women proved to be determined and successful businesswomen. The knowledge gained over the years has been kept a closely guarded secret, and passed down from father and mother to daughter and son. One thing that everyone has had in common was to keep the traditional methods firmly in mind, whilst still advancing the cognac making process as technology advanced.

In the mid-1900s, Pierre Croizet Cognac took the step of selling their wares to the general public – a process that still continues today. 

Cognac Pierre Croizet Today

Cognac Pierre Croizet is today in the capable hands of Leopold Croizet. He is the latest in a long line of grape growers to combine both tradition and progress. As such, he has recently acquired further vineyards, and these reach across the borders of the Fins Bois region to cover an area of the Petite Champagne. Not only does this allow the house to produce eaux-de-vie from two very different areas, but also allows them to create cognacs in two distinctly different ranges.

The Pierre Croizet Cognac house uses only organic fertilizers on the land, whilst still keeping firmly to the traditional methods of their ancestors. However, whilst tradition is important, so is technology, and in 2010 Cognac Pierre Croizet developed a vital presence on various social media sites, such as Facebook. 

News, Products and Prices

Pierre Croizet's Cognac range covers cognacs for all palates and pockets. Ranging from a VS through to an XO, they also offer some other, less traditionally labelled cognacs. These include the Pierre Croizet Valentine Cognac and the Pierre Croizet Excellence Cognac.

The house also produces a Pineau des Charente. And this won first prize in the Concours des Saveurs Agricoles du Poitou-Charentes in 2009. 

Visit Cognac Pierre Croizet

There is no information available about visiting Cognac Pierre Croizet. 

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