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Peyrat Cognac

Peyrat Cognac

Cognac Peyrat is perhaps most famous for offering a range of single vineyard cognacs. The company, founded in the early 1900s, is the only producer to offer this unique concept. In addition, Cognac Peyrat also offer a wide range of vintage cognacs, and the brand is becoming more and more well-known on a global scale as they concentrate on exports and brand awareness. One of the company’s current business objectives is to further establish Cognac Peyrat as a player on the world stage, it already has a strong distribution network throughout Russia, the USA, Scandinavia and Europe.

Visit Peyrat: 7, avenue Maréchal Leclerc ,16100 Cognac ,+33 (0)545351919 ,No visiting information available.


History of Peyrat Associés

The house of Peyrat Associés was founded by one Henri Peyrat, who was born in 1885 in Correze, France. In the early 1900s he came to the region of Cognac seeking employment, and his background in woodwork saw him successful in finding a job with a cooperage firm. It was here that his interest in wine was piqued.

After WW1 he decided to develop his own company in the craft that he had grown to love. An uncannily successful businessman, it didn’t take long for his peers to begin to notice him, and his reputation grew. Importing wines from all regions of France, and even Algeria, he developed links with various quality wine growers and producers. Whilst he was building this precious network he was also busy establishing his future cognac estate’s offices and cellars in the centre of the town of Cognac.

For thirty years he continued to grow his business, and in 1948 his son, Jean Peyrat took over the reins. With Jean at the helm, the company began to concentrate far more on the cognac side of the business. In 1968, one of Jean’s sons – Henri – joined the firm specifically to take charge of the global export of cognac, and so further pressed towards one of the businesses main strategies of establishing Peyrat Cognac to all corners of the globe.

Cognac Peyrat Today

Today, Jean Peyrat’s other son, Philippe Peyrat now stands at the helm. They continue to offer a range of single vineyard cognacs – in a strategy similar to that of chateaux wines. Another unique concept is that of ‘Nordic Cognac’. Developed as a distribution channel that echoes the prohibition years in Scandinavia – this innovative sales strategy both brings back memories for those old enough to remember, and evokes surprise in those who are too young to have experienced it.

Cognac Peyrat also prides itself on their attractive packaging and decanters, both for the ‘Peyrat’ and the Vintage products.

News, Products and Old Labels

As well as the Peyrat and Nordic ranges, the cognac house’s vintage lines offer a wonderful range of single vineyard cognacs reaching back through the decades. Cognac Peyrat specifically puts aside part of their cognacs each year to be certified as vintage – and this task is carried out by either sworn brokers or the Bureau de Cognac. These vintages are labelled not only with the year, but also the estate and town name.

The cognac house is also striving to become a certified organic grower. In fact, it has been certified by the European company, Eurocert. However, it will take another couple of years for this to become a worldwide certification due to an extended qualification period.

Peyrat produce cognacs for all tastes and pockets. A bottle of Peyrat VS Cognac can be purchased from a price of around €25, with the vintage cognacs reaching up into three or four digit figures, depending on age and rarity.

Jérome Peyrat, a family member of the Peyrat clan, is in charge of the cognac house Prunier. He left Peyrat Cognac a few years ago.

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