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Park Cognac

Park Cognac

Cognac Park is a brand produced by the large eaux-de-vie group Tessendier & Fils, a wholesaler who has a traceable history dating back to the 19th century. Presented in elegant ‘cognacaise’ bottles, the range encompasses all of the growing regions of the area, and produce blends both young and old. A relatively recent brand, the popularity of Cognac Park is beginning to grow, as more consumers in various countries become aware of its existence.

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History of Cognac Park

Cognac Park is produced by a family owned company that can be traced back to the year 1880. It was then that one Gaston Tessendier, a teacher of mathematics, became the proud owner of a vineyard in Cognac. Rather than entrust the tending of the vines to others, he looked after them himself, working this around his regular teaching commitments. This proved so successful that Gaston began to expand his vines, eventually creating a distillery to produce the first Tessendier wines and cognacs.

Tessendier went on to provide eaux-de-vie to many of the cognac houses in the region, soon becoming known for the quality of its produce and quickly developing into one of the largest bulk suppliers in the whole region. The business continued to remain in the hands of the Tessendier family, and this is still holds true to this day. 

Park Cognac Today

Today the company Tessendier & Fils is in the capable hands of two brothers, Jerome and Lilian Tessendier, the fourth generation since its creator. In 2005, Jerome decided it was time for Tessendier to not only provide cognacs to other suppliers, but also to produce, bottle and sell themselves. Thus, a range of six brands was created, of which Cognac Park was one. All the cognacs are produced from grapes that are free from chemicals and pesticides, and the range of Park Cognac is surprisingly large, incorporating six different qualities from a VS up to an XO and a Grande Champagne blend.

The rationale behind all the Park Cognacs is to make light, straightforward and completely unadulterated eaux-de-vie, all elegantly presented in the traditional shape glass cognac bottles.  

The cognacs are both light and delicate, and are currently marketed in various countries in Europe, including Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Holland.  As an addition, and thanks to the incredible marketing force of Tessendier USA, the brand is also available to purchase in the U.S. 

News, Products and Prices

Using grapes from all regions of Cognac, the brand produces a surprisingly wide range of eaux-de-vie. The idea of Cognac Park is to create cognacs that are affordable to all, and to this end they not only produce their wares in bottles of the usual 70cl size, but also in smaller bottles of 20cl.

The cognacs remain affordable, with a full sized bottle of Cognac Park XO available for around €65 euros. A 70cl bottle of Cognac Park Vieille Fine Champagne can be purchased for around €75 per bottle. 

Visit Cognac Park

There is no information available about visiting Cognac Park or Tessendier & Fils. 

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