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Normandin Mercier Cognac

Normandin Mercier Cognac

Concentrating solely on cognacs produced from both the Petite and Grande Champagne, Cognac J Normandin-Mercier is based in the beautiful surroundings of Chateau de la Peraudiere. The brand remains faithful to its century old traditions to create cognacs that range from a VSOP upwards, along with a selection of Pineau de Charentes. This family run cognac house is today headed by Edouard, Jean-Marie and Audrey Normandin, who together strive to ensure their products are created with the personal touch and expertise for which the brand has become known for.

Visit Normandin Mercier: Château de la Péraudière ,17139 Dompierre Sur Mer ,+33 (0)546680065 ,Visits and tastings at J Normandin Mercier are from 9:00 am - 11:00 am and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Other products by J Normandin-Mercier: Pineau de Charentes

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History of Cognac Normandin-Mercier

With a history spanning back over 100 years, the house of J Normandin-Mercier has always produced eaux-de-vie from only two of the cognac growing regions; Grande and Petite Champagne. Creating their wares with a 'quality over quantity’ philosophy, the family Normandin has passed their chateau and business down through the generations.

The site of Chateau de la Peraudiere was carefully considered back in the 19th century and was a strategic location aimed directly at the production of superior quality cognac and ease of distribution. Close to the town of La Rochelle, not only is it close to the sea, but also to the rail networks. The town was the major exportation centre of cognac at that time. In addition, the climate in this area lent itself extremely favourable to the distillation and aging process of the cognacs that filled the chateau’s cellars.

Normandin Mercier Cognac Today

Normandin Mercier Cognac today is still firmly a family run affair. Using the knowledge and expertise passed down to them over the decades, Edouard, Jean-Marie and Audrey Normandin continue to produce cognacs in exactly the same methods as their ancestors. With this firmly in mind, the estate of Cognac J Normandin-Mercier remains to this day a chateau which welcomes visitors and provides them with a personal experience of today’s cognac making industry.

News, Products and Prices

Producing a range of cognacs from a VSOP upwards, Cognac Normandin-Mercier offers eaux-de-vie to suit every palate and pocket. The J Normandin Mercier XO cognac can be purchased for around €100 per bottle, whereas the J Normandin Mercier Tres Vielle Grande Champagne cognac, which uses blends dating back to the beginning of the 1900s, is, of course, a little heavier on the wallet.

The house also offers both a red and a rosé Pineau des Charentes, along with an Extra Old Pineau that uses cognacs dating back throughout the 20th century.

Visit Cognac Normandin-Mercier

Chateau de la Peraudiere, where Cognac Normandin-Mercier is based, welcomes visits from the public all year round. Enjoy a tour that will introduce you to the intricacies of wine making, distilling, aging and blending. Visit the cellars and round off your tour with a Cognac and Pineau tasting session. The chateau is open for visits from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It is advisable to contact the chateau before your planned visit.

Group visits are also available, although these need to be arranged in advance. Visits can be conducted in French, English and Spanish and last for approximately an hour and a half. The cost is €4 per person.


3 comments for Normandin Mercier Cognac

Jeremy 2014-02-15

I am surprised to read Dimitri did not like the XO from NM. It must have been a bad bottle. I have tasted the whole range at the chateau. I found each respective age amongst the best in their class. NM products always rank at the top of tastings and ratings with cognacs such as Ragnaud Savourin, Fillioux, Voyer, Hine, Raymond Ragnaud, etc. the very best of GC and PC. I was just reading a Sweedish site a few minutes ago, ranking the PC and GC of NM as 5+ and 6 out of 6. The PC was one of 5 out of over 200 cognacs getting a 6. It is not a coincidence you find these cognacs in the best michelin star restaurants. I would encourage Dimitri to taste another bottle from NM property.

Audrey NORMANDIN 2014-01-31

If I understand your message corectly, I am really sorry to learn you did not appreciate our quality of X.O. Cognac. Let me tell you that hoppefully peolpe' tastes are different and that our XO Cognac is exported to about 20 countries, in very prestigious wine shops and restaurants. Do you believe all of those shops and businesses would appreciate such spirits as you describe above? At last, I would like to inform you that we have not produced any RESERVE COGNAC quality at least since 2000. You might have tasted a deteriorated Cognac with a bad preservation, and that unfortunately is not our concern. You are welcome at COGNAC NORMANDIN-MERCIER, Château de La Péraudière, please, if you have any opportunity, I would be glad to offer you a visit and tasting of our famous products. Sincerely Yours, Audrey NORMANDIN COGNAC NORMANDIN-MERCIER

Dmitri 2013-07-18

NM Reserve and X.O. both are undrinkable. Sweet start and wooden finish. No complexity no layered taste. Unremarkably average cognac that taste like a young barrel of wood. Who drinks this? And why would producer waste Grand Champagne grapes to make such a cognac? I would not pay a dollar for this spirit.

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