Michel Forgeron Cognac

Michel Forgeron Cognac

Michel Forgeron Cognac’s uniqueness lies in its very special history, its environmental concern and of course in its quest for quality. With a relatively young history, the first cognac under the brand Michel Forgeron was produced in 1977. Their philosophy remains the same as his grandfather’s, who bought the agricultural property at the turn of the century: work better, produce better. Recently, for its hundred year anniversary, Forgeron covered one of the estate’s roofs with solar panels in order to work with sustainable energies for the cognac production.

Michel Forgeron Cognac

Visit Michel Forgeron: Chez Richon ,16130 Segonzac ,+33 (0)545834305 ,Visits, guided tours and tastings, as well as parking for camper cars available. www.cognacforgeron.com

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History of Cognac Michel Forgeron

Forgeron has a special 100 year old family tradition that needs to be told. In 1909, Jean and Ernestine Gonthier bought a typical Charentais house and moved their family to embark on a project. Together with their son Dély Forgeron they started cultivating cereals and vines. Of course vines take quite some years to grow until they carry enough grapes. Dély had married Renée, they had three children. They divided the land between the three, one of them being Michel Forgeron.

It took until 1966 until the first alembic was installed in the former stables. In the meantime, Michel had gone off to fight in the Algerian War. On his return he married Francine and they again had three children: Isabelle, Christophe and Pierre. The cognac business slowly but surely started developing until finally, in 1977, they founded the company and called it Michel Forgeron.

With a strong belief in environmental techniques and an incredibly strong work ethic, Michel and his wife turned Forgeron Cognac into a profitable business. In 1998, Michel retired and passed the cognac house on to his youngest son Pierre. He manages the company and continues to grow, extending the property to 19 hectares.

Cognac Michel Forgeron Today

In 2002, Christophe, Pierre Forgeron’s older brother, returns from many years abroad and joins force with the family. Together they stand behind the company and get further involved in sustainable agriculture. For their 100 year anniversary, they covered one of the roofs of the stables with 260m2 of solar panels. They are the first cognac producers to work with solar energy.

News, Products and Old Labels

Michel Forgeron’s wife, Francine, won a tourism award in 1998 for welcoming tourists to the estate for years. The estate of Forgeron offers free parking space for camping cars. 

Pierre Forgeron launched the “Nuit de Cognac”, a popular event in the Cognac region.

Visit Cognac Forgeron

The Forgeron's are generous hosts and can accommodate up to 20 camper cars for free on their property. They offer free giuded tours of the distillery as well as tastings of their cognacs. 

Contact Forgeron for more details. 


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Alan Roberts 2013-09-02

We first visited the Forgerons in about 1990, by recommendation from an English friend living locally. We were spellbound. Francine was hugely welcoming, and we bought the Hors d'Age because I've never tasted anything like it. We visited again about 10 years later, and the same thing happened. Then we went back this year (2013) and she remembered us, and that we had turned up with a couple of English friends. The Hors d'Age is still the most amazing nectar, but the price has gone up, just a little (it was 350FF when we bought the first bottle). I still have a few drops left of our second purchase, refusing to finish it until I could replace the bottle, I look forward to repeating this trick, and to the warm welcome I know we'll get from Francine :-)