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Selling their Grande Champagne cognacs to some of the world’s most exclusive venues - including Maxim’s of Paris - Cognac Menuet has an incredible family history that can be traced back for over three centuries. This exclusive house produces its wares in a manner faithful to that of the family members before them, and the knowledge has been carefully guarded and handed down through the generations.

Visit Menuet: La Tonnelle, 16720 St Meme Les Carrieres, +33 (0)545819978, No visiting information available www.cognac-menuet.comOther products by Menuet: Pineau des Charentes

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James 2013-04-24

I also really wonder if HINE is acquired by a big chinese corporation or private investor - would make sense. They have high priced cognacs, all the vintage products etc., which makes it easy to understand how old their cognacs are. I bet that HINE will be bought by Chinese because the seller is not French. If that would be the case, lobbies would probably prevent them from selling to Asian corporations.

    b d luby 2012-08-11

    sooner or later all of the cognac houses(companies) will be owned by the chinese, for now at least, martell is not , so i'll continue drinking martell.

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      Menuet Cognac

      Menuet Cognac

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      Menuet Cognac
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      History of Cognac Menuet

      The first vineyard in the area of Cognac owned by the Menuet family was in the year 1680. However, it wasn’t until much later, in the mid-1800s, that the family began to purchase further vines. Louis Menuet, the owner of the house at that time, made it his goal to purchase only land in the Grande Champagne region - so that Menuet’s cognacs would be produced solely from this area.

      It was the year 1909 that saw the region of Cognac officially organised into viticultural areas, with the area of Grande Champagne being considered the ‘premier cru’ of the region, the prime growing area. Louis Menuet’s vision was simply to produce the finest of cognacs in a limited quantity, and to sell it to only the most discerning of customers.

      The first official recognition of Menuet Cognac came in the year 1900, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, when Louis Menuet’s grandson, Ernest Menuet, who by that time was heading the cognac house, was awarded a gold medal for Menuet eaux-de-vie. Since that time the house has continued to be handed down through the family, and today – six generations later – Cognac Menuet is still a traditionally run, family company. 

      Menuet Cognac Today

      Today Menuet Cognac is run in very much the same fashion as it was over a century ago. Their philosophy remains true to that of its founder, and they only sell Grande Champagne cognac and very old Grande Champagne cognac. All of their eaux-de-vies are produced in strictly limited amounts and are sold to exclusive establishments, such as restaurants, clubs and gift shops.  

      70% of Cognac Menuet is sold abroad, with the remaining 30% in France. Along with selling to businesses, Cognac Menuet also sells some of its cognacs to private customers. 

      News, Products and Prices

      The youngest cognac sold in the Menuet range is the Menuet Cognac de Grande Champagne VSOP. This premier cru blend can be purchased for around €35 for a small 35 cl bottle.  

      Menuet also producea an XO, a Menuet Extra Grande Champagne along with the Cognac Menuet Hors d’Age Grande Champagne. This is a blend of cognacs that are all at least 50 years of age.

      In 1993, the Cognac Menuet XO Grande Champagne was awarded the silver award, and in the same year it won the gold medal at the London Wine and Spirit Competition.  

      In 1996, at the World Spirit Championships USA held in Chicago, the Menuet Cognac VSOP was awarded the silver medal and the XO the gold.

      Cognac Menuet also produce a white Pineau des Charentes. 

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