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Marancheville Cognac

Marancheville Cognac

A young brand by name, but not by experience, Marancheville Cognac is the creation of two family men, Gregoire and Laurent, who decided to not only distill eaux-de-vie for the larger known brands, but to put their passion into creating quality cognacs under their own brand. What a great result!

Visit Marancheville: Les Couturiers ,16130 Juillac-le-Coq


A Comparative Tasting of the Marancheville's L'Exemplaire Range

Marancheville Exemplaire N°4 (SOLD OUT)Marancheville Exemplaire N°5 (NEW)
  • Oranges in all forms: orange marmalade, orange peel, orange candy
  • Crystal clear fruit profile
  • Fragrant cedar plank
  • Spices
  • Vanilla
  • Chiseled and expressive
  • Impression of dryness
  • Very Grande Champagne  
  • Aromas which are a tone or two darker
  • Seemingly more masculine
  • Dried plums
  • Apricot fruit paste Oranges more distant and darker
  • Leather belt, wallet
  • Vanilla
  • An aromatic cloud like that of church incense
  • Sophisticated, poised
  • Good power, direct
  • Zero wrinkles
  • Orange fruit profile - bitter orange jam (the wonderful confiture orange amère in French)
  • Greater presence of wood
  • Slightly tannic - giving a dry, tannic mouthfeel
  • Chewy and textured
  • Masculine but with all the refinement of mature Grande Champagne
  • Confirmation of the darker profile
  • Interestingly, a gentler sipping experience
  • The orange fruit takes a secondary role letting the darker dried fruits (prunes and apricots) shine.
  • Leather
  • Roasty earthy sweetness
  • Good presence of spices (but not a spicy Cognac)
  • Masculine flavors but a more settled texture and mouthfeel
  • Very long, persistent
  • Dry
  • Slight astringence from the tannins
  • Finishes on the bitter orange jam flavors
  • Rancio notes
  • Long and persistent
  • Very pleasant
  • More enveloping than direct
  • Finishes on the sweet earthy almost creamy notes

In the same direction as Laurichesse Fut N°301

Jumps from the glass, expressive and immediately engaging

Pulls you into the glass

Encourages reflection, introspective

A rewarding Cognac, showing a slightly different face of mature Grande Champagne

Exemplaire N°1Exemplaire N°2Exemplaire N°3

Brut de Fut

From Marancheville’s Gondeville very humid cellar.

Round yet robust.

From Marancheville’s Rue N°1 cellar.

A blend of two barrels

A spice-forward Cognac, but immensely delicate

A blend which they drew from 98 different barrels.

A particularly silky mouthfeel and a finish marked by an anise note.

History of Marancheville Cognac

It was in the early 'noughties' that two brother-in-laws, Laurent and Gregoire, decided to bring their families to Cognac to work in the family distillery.  It didn't take long for passion and excitement of the industry to fill them, and while the main aim of the family work is still to distill eaux-de-vie for some of the largest names in the business, in 2012 they decided to also begin to manufacture a small range of cognacs under their own name - and Marancheville Cognac was born.

Marancheville Cognac Today

Thanks to the decades of experience within the family, Gregoire and Laurent have an enviable network of cognac professionals whose advice they sought both directly and indirectly to create both the brand and their cognacs.  While their core business still remains distilling for the larger houses, the guys pour a huge amount of effort and skill into their own range.

In their own words, they say that the creation of Marancheville Cognac is done purely for their own passion and pleasure.

News, products, and awards

Still a very young brand, the house of Marancheville currently markets 3 cognacs of their own.  These are a VSOP, a 10 year old, and an XO.

Visit Marancheville Cognac

Gregoire and Laurent welcome visitors.  To meet them it's recommended to make an appointment, so contact the house directly to arrange a mutually convenient time.

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