Maison Villevert

Maison Villevert

Maison Villevert has a long and varied history. The house was established in the 1550s by Jehan Robicquet in the early years of Cognac-making history and is one of the first known Cognac houses. Today the house is known as much for its Cognac as for its Vodka and Gin, with brands such as Ciroc and G’Vine enjoyed the world over. It truly is a wonderful example of how centuries of expertise can be combined with the cutting-edge technology of today to great effect.

Owner, entrepreneur, and cellar master, Jean-Sebastian Robicquet is the brains behind this innovative house. Having dedicated his entire life to Cognac and every facet of the industry, his mastery can be felt at every level of the business. In addition to creating fine spirits, Maison Villevert also specializes in packaging, marketing, and distribution and is the ideal choice in a partner for a small producer looking to take their spirits to the world stage.

Visit Maison Villevert: 16100 Merpins, France , Villevert


History of Maison Villevert

In the 1550s, Jehan Robicquet along with other winegrowers in the region began distilling his wines on his estate in Villevert, outside of Cognac. These early innovators later formed some of the earliest Cognac houses in history and were crucial in the development of this emerging industry, as well as bringing wealth to the region. Robicquet was bold in his approach and believed that this drink had the potential to be enjoyed far and wide. In a milestone in Cognac-making history, he started selling and exporting his produce to the very first Cognac consumers outside of Charente.

Maison Villevert Today

Today the house is headed by Jean-Sebastian Robicquet — a man who takes his craft very seriously indeed. He cut his teeth with legendary names such as Hennessy, and more recently, Hine Cognac, with whom he traveled the world as their export and marketing manager. In 2009 he was glad to purchase the house that had been in his family since the 15th century, Maison Villevert. Little did he know that within a short six years, the house would become a true 'spirits empire', boasting celebrated products such as G'Vine Gine, Ciroc Vodka, and Excellia Tequilla. Their estate comprises 40 hectares of vineyards covering the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne and surrounding the 15th-century manor, as well as a wine-making center, several distilleries and two sites for packaging.

Visit Maison Villevert

There is currently no information available about visiting Maison Villevert. Please contact the house directly for further details.

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