Maison Surrenne Cognac

Consisting of four distilleries and eight cellars, Maison Surrenne Cognac is the largest existing family run cognac house remaining in the region. The cognacs produced are either single district, specific vintage, single cask or from a single vineyard, allowing them to produce an extensive range of eaux-de-vie to suit every pocket. The main distillery and cellars can be found in Jarnac, on the banks of the Charente River. Within their extensive storage are cognacs that reach back through history, and these are used to create an authentic brand that concentrates on providing a great range of quality cognacs at prices that are affordable to everyone.

Visit Maison Surrenne: PO Box 1059, 95482 Ukiah, CA, No visiting information available. www.surrenne.comOther products by Maison Surrenne: Whisky, Mezcal, Brandy

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    No tasting notes yet, but a large wine and spirits merchant writes: beautiful soft fruit, rich but delicate flavor and very easy on the palate.

    No tasting notes yet, but a large wine and spirits merchant writes: beautiful soft fruit, rich but delicate flavor and very easy on the palate.

  • 0 1 2 3 4 0 Review(s) 
    750ml / 40%

    No tasting review yet.

    No tasting review yet.

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Maison Surrenne Cognac

Maison Surrenne Cognac

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History of Maison Surrenne Cognac

The story of Maison Surrenne Cognac goes way back into the 1800s, when the eau-de-vie produced was sold in high volumes to other producers. These included some of the big names such as Hennessy and Remy Martin. The skills and arts of the cognac making process were passed down through the decades from father to son, remaining strictly in the hands of the family – which still holds true today.

Conserving an incredible range of cognacs within their cellars, this family run cognac house has concentrated on producing distinct and individual cognacs from the various growing districts of the region.

Hubert Germain-Robin put the Maison Surrenne on the international map, when he and his childhood friend, Richard Braastad (himself from a traditional cognac growing clan) decided to import Braastad’s beautiful cognacs under the name Maison Surrennes into the USA. 

Cognac Surrenne Today

Today, the whole ethos of Cognac Surrenne is to provide exceptional cognacs at affordable prices. The house is proud to show consumers exactly what each bottle contains, placing detailed bottle-specific information on the label of each and every bottle produced. By producing cognacs that are either district, vintage, cask or vineyard specific, the house is understandable proud of the products created.

Because French regulations state that to be allowed to place the year of production on the label of the bottle, cognacs have to be aged in a government warehouse, Cognac Surrenne instead denote the year by a “lot” number. These are based on the cognac houses own records of eaux-de-vie produced.

All of Cognac Maison Surrenne’s cognacs are presented in simple glass bottles – with no fancy packaging, crystal decanters or external wooden caskets in sight. This is one reason they’re able to keep the cost of their cognacs to a minimum, allowing their cognacs to start at a price range within the range of most people. The cognacs are particularly well received in the USA, where the brand has a great distribution process that makes them particularly accessible. 

News, Products and Prices

Selling their cognacs under a “single district” range as well as a “collector’s series,” Cognac Surrenne’s products are well received by the world’s cognac drinkers. Their lowest priced bottle – the Maison Surrenne Ancienne Distillerie Cognac is the product of a 1991, single distillery from the region of the Petite Champagne. The cost of this is approximately €25 per bottle. At the San Francisco Spirits competition it was awarded a double gold medal for the best VSOP.

Flying the flag for the cognac house is the Maison Surrenne Cask 356 – a cognac that is sold under the house’s Collectors Series. At around €1500 per bottle, this is an unfiltered cognac that was the creation of one of the houses previous cellar masters – Hilaire Guilbaud – and was assembled in the year 1961. Only 235 bottles were made – a product of Grande Champagne cognacs that are all at least a century old. 

You can buy a Maison Surrenne Petite Champagne Cognac for around 45 Euros. 

A Maison Surrenne XO from the Grande Champagne will cost you around 80 Euros. 

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