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Maison Dhiersat

Maison Dhiersat

Based in the heart of the Fins Bois cru, the family of Maison Dhiersat strive to produce highly sustainable, high quality products including a range of Cognacs, Pineau de Charents, Liqueurs and Charetais wines. At present three generations run the business with pride and passion at the core of what they do, day in day out. Offering Cognacs of a variety of ages from VS to a well-aged Tres Vieille Reserve and XO blends, Maison Dhiersat is a lesser known local brand to look out for when exploring different Cognacs on the market.

Visit Maison Dhiersat: 477 Rue du Moulin à Vent ,16170 ROUILLAC ,

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History of Maison Dhiersat

Run by a family of Charentais winegrowers, Maison Dhiersat has been practicing their profession with the same passion for seven generations. Jean, Dominique, Jules, then René Dhiersat succeeded each other, each taking over the small farm. In the 1960s, Jean Claude decided to set up in turn and expand the business, followed by Nadine and then Marie. Today it is these three generations who work together, every day to ensure the sustainability of the vineyard.

Maison Dhiersat Today

Today it is these three generations who work together, every day to ensure the sustainability of the vineyard. Spanning across 50 hectares, Maison Dhiersat vineyard is located in the heart of the Fins Bois region. Its location in this cru allows the brand to work with versatility and allows them to produce various different traditional Charente based products such as Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, liquors and Vin de Pays Charentais.

News & Products

Producing Cognac made from white grapes (plain white grape) is the result of the transformation of the wine into Cognac brandy by the miracle of the Charentais still. After a double distillation, Maison Dhiersat places its eaux-de-vie in the famous Limousin oak barrels where they take on their golden color over time.The transfer of this nectar from the young barrels to older barrels prepares the color and the subtle aromas of what eventually becomes the finished Cognac.

With a variety of products available including wines, liquors, Pineau de Charentes, and of course Cognac, Maison Dhiersat offers something for everyone.


For specific enquiries including information about visits, we advise contacting Maison Dhiersat directly by either email or telephone.

Telephone number: 05 45 21 75 75



477 Rue du Moulin à Vent – Le Breuil


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