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Maison Coquard-Thomas

Maison Coquard-Thomas

Maison Coquart-Thomas is the crowdfunded brainchild of Claire Coquard-Thomas, who after spending her career working in the wine trade decided to branch out into spirits. MCT Spirits launches modern-look brands intended to meet modern consumers' expectations: authentic, local products, around which people can meet to pass good times with family and friends. 

MCT does not currently accept visits. For any enquiries, please contact them directly:

Visit Maison Coquard-Thomas: 10 impasse des rossignols ,17138 PUILBOREAU ,+33 6 79 59 21 30


The Maison Coquard-Thomas Story

Claire Thomas was born into a family of winegrowers in Beaujolais and for 20 years she forged a career in the international wine trade, mainly with Bordeaux. However, after two decades in wine, she made a bold decision to move into bottling Cognac instead - and in 2018, Maison Coquard-Thomas was born. Setting up a brand is rarely a straightforward journey, and Claire made the rather modern decision to set up crowdfunding to help her brand grow. This approach to modern approaches is certainly reflected in MCT Cognac: the bottle design and concept firmly places it in the 21st Century, looking ahead at a bright future for Cognac. 

Attributing her success to the help of her family - including her husband Olivier, a native of the Charentais region - Claire emphasizes the importance of evolving Cognac’s image in order to help it grow. MCT Cognac is intended to be sipped, mixed and experimented with, not confined to tradition or stuck in the past. 

In Claire’s own words:

“Cognac is a contemporary drink and I decided it was the right time for me to do something different and face new challenges. I was born in Beaujolais, I married a Charentais, I have been working for almost 20 years on the international stage and it was time to create and launch this Cognac brand... Cognac is a great discovery, a local product, easy to share with friends and family, a great base for wonderful cocktails!”

The Range

The first releases by Maison Coquard-Thomas included a bright, floral VS and a rich XO with strong notes of dried fruit. Later the same year, a well-structured and fruity VSOP was added, completing a nice starting lineup. While none of the Cognacs come with an AOC, it is indicated that they are all single estate Cognacs, from a region with soil composition similar to Grande and Petite Champagne. The packaging is strikingly modern, with a purist approach to bottle shape and minimalist labels that allow the color of the Cognac itself to shine. 

The Future for Maison Coquard-Thomas 

The focus for MCT Spirits is to continue launching modern brands for consumers who enjoy drinking authentic Cognac, but also aren’t afraid to experiment with mixed drinks. 

Aiming to to promote a local network for the production of dry materials, Claire hopes to expand distribution locally and internationally, working with her partners in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and beyond. Ultimately, the idea is to offer proprietary expressions - blends of barrels from a single estate, or even single barrels, to promote the importance of terroir and aging in Cognac. 

Visit the website of Maison Coquard-Thomas

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