Louis Royer Cognac

Louis Royer Cognac

Famous for its bee emblem, Cognac Louis Royer traces its history back to the year 1853 and is known for a wide range of quality cognacs and Pineau. Creating cognacs from all six terroirs of the Cognac growing region, the offices and cellars of Louis Royer remain in the town of Jarnac on the banks of the Charente River where they were set up over 150 years ago. Very much continuing with the traditional methods championed by the cognac house’s name sake, Louis Royer boasts five generations of family experience and skill that continue to produce a full range of cognacs distributed on a world wide scale.

Visit Louis Royer: 27-29 rue du Chail ,16200 Jarnac ,+33 (0)545810272 ,No visiting information available. www.louis-royer.com

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History of Cognac Louis Royer

In 1853, Louis Royer decided that his skills as a cellar master would be better off used in creating his own business rather than working for other cognac houses. It was in the town of Jarnac, overlooking the Charente River, where he decided to set up the house of Cognac Louis Royer.  

The bee was chosen at the inauguration as the emblem of the cognac house. To Louis Royer it was the perfect symbol of the diligence, efficiency and craftsmanship that went into creating his cognacs.  

Using grapes from all six crus, Louis Royer established his skills as cellar master and began the painstaking task of trying to export his creations to other countries of the world. Five generations of the Royer family followed in his footsteps, bringing the knowledge and products of Louis Royer to every continent on the planet.

Louis Royer Cognac Today

Today, Louis Royer still embraces the traditional values of old, but the family firm has also taken advantage of the very latest in technology. 2003 saw the house develop a state of the art bottling plant, allowing them to increase production by 100 %.    

They now are responsible for over 80 employees, and have actively diversified their business, shipping their range of cognacs, brandies, vodkas and liqueurs around the globe. Not content to rest on their laurels, Louis Royer has a team dedicated to new product creation and distribution, continuously looking to invent innovative new products. However, the traditional methods have not been forgotten, and today’s cellar master at Louis Royer Cognac still oversees every stage of the production process. Innovation may well be the way forward, but traditional production techniques are key to creating the quality of this world famous brand.

News, Products and Old Labels

Louis Royer also produces a range of Pineau des Charentes, brandy, liqueurs and vodka. The liqueurs include some unique flavours, ranging from cognac and grapefruit to lychee and yoghurt. Their vodka brand is known as L’Ecrin – premium French vodka produced from wheat grown in the Ile de France region.  

Having been awarded for many of their cognacs over the years, in 2008 Louis Royer XO cognac won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and the Extra Grande Champagne won gold in the same year.

Visit Cognac Louis Royer

There is no information available about visiting the house of Cognac Louis Royer.

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I have Cognac Louis Royer X.O. 0,2l from 1983 how much is it worth?

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