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Logis de Montifaud Cognac

Logis de Montifaud Cognac

Cognac Logis de Montifaud is owned and run by the Landreau family and based at their 17th century estate. The property itself has a long and convoluted history, and the Landreau family have five generations of wine growing experience. With a production ethic that not only abides by tradition but respects the environment, Logis de Montifaud produce a full range of distinct cognacs of all ages. The Logis itself is also run as an accommodation for tourists, and they can welcome large groups of 40 people to stay.

Visit Logis de Montifaud: Logis de Montifaud ,16130 Salles d'Angles ,+33 (0)545836745 ,Visits and tastings upon appointment. www.logis-montifaud.com Other products by Logis de Montifaud: Pineau des Charentes, red wine

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History of Cognac Logis de Montifaud

The house itself dates back to the 17th century. With high walls and parkland it is a typical property of the Charente region, and was built by a family called Babonnaud. It was then purchased in 1715 by a wealthy man from the Vendée, one Daniel Broussard de Fondmarrais. However, during the French Revolution the family disappeared, and all their assets were confiscated. In 1789, the manor house was then sold on to Pierre Longuet, a farmer to the then Countess of Talleyrand-Perigord, for a symbolic price. 

In 1849, marriage brought the families Longuet and Tachet together, because Marie Longuet married Pierre Tachet, who hailed from Cognac. The house and land fell into considerable disrepair over the following decades, until in 1959, Emile Landreau purchased the property.

Logis de Montifaud Cognac Today

An experienced wine growing family since 1840, the Landreaus already owned vineyards and they soon brought the vines of the Logis de Montifaud back up to standard since the purchase of the estate in 1959. Today it is Emile’s son Christian runs Logis de Montifaud Cognac. 

Drawing on five generations of knowledge, Christian Landreau works hard to produce cognacs faithful to the traditional method but also embracing modern techniques. In 2010 a photovoltaic plant was built, ensuring that the distillation and production process was not only efficient, but environmentally friendly as well. Christian is a regular exhibitor at many wine growing exhibitions throughout the country, perpetuating further knowledge and recognition of the brand Cognac Logis de Montifaud.

News, Products and Prices

The oldest of Logis de Montifaud’s cognacs date back to 1929. The house produces a full range of cognacs, from a VS through to their flagship product – Cognac Logis de Montifaud Hors d’Age – produced from eaux-de-vie dating back to that distilled by Emile Landreau in the first half of the 1900s. 

The Cognac Vieille Réserve Logis de Montifaud is priced at €55,- and an XO costs around €70,-.

In April 2011, their Cognac Logis de Montifaud Napoleon was awarded a gold medal at the wine competition of independent wine growers.

The house also produces a range of red wine, along with Pineau des Charentes.

Visit Cognac Logis de Montifaud

It is possible to visit Cognac Logis de Montifaud, although it is necessary to first make contact to arrange an appointment. You can visit the distillery, storehouses and tasting room where you’ll have the opportunity to sample different cognacs and purchase bottles if you wish.


2 comments for Logis de Montifaud Cognac

Damiaan 2012-09-04

Pretty long after your question but no, Chateau de Montifaud is different. Here are their sites: http://www.logis-montifaud.com http://www.chateau-montifaud.com/ Chateau de Montifaud XO is pretty good value for money. Its smooth, flavor lasts reasonably long. Maybe a bit on the sweet side. Not sure about the Logis de Montifaud - its still on the list of ones to try. Both are generally small production boutique congnacs.

joe 2012-01-15

isn't this Chateau de Montifaud or is this a total different cognac brand? thanks

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