Leyrat Cognac

Leyrat Cognac

Cognac Leyrat is part of the 250 hectare estate owned by Francis and Elodie Abecassis. They also own the brands Cognac Le Reviseur and Cognac ABK6. As with the rest of the company’s range, Cognac Leyrat is produced from the fruits of a single estate. These eaux-de-vie are then aged and blended into a full range of cognacs, from a VS right through to their flagship product Leyrat Glory, which is a minimum of 40 years of age.

Visit Leyrat: Domaine de chez Maillard ,16440 Claix ,+33 (0)545663572 ,Visits from 09:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30, Monday to Friday. Weekends by appointment only. www.leyrat-cognac.com Other products by Leyrat: Pineau des Charentes

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History of Cognac Leyrat

Abecassis is one of the youngest cognac producers in the industry, being founded in 2005. The father and daughter team of Francis and Elodie manage a state of the art production empire, with each of the three separate brands boasting their own distillery. One thing that they are keen to continue is the time-honored manner of producing cognac, along with embracing the latest in technology to create cognacs of the highest quality possible.

With thermo-controlled cellars, the house of Cognac Leyrat has, in its short period of production, already begun to carve itself a serious name in the industry. Leyrat’s cognacs have won many awards and are enjoyed in various countries around the globe.

Leyrat Cognac Today

Cellar master Simon Palmer is the man in charge of the eaux-de-vie, the aging and the blending. It is his watchful eye that sees the cognac production from the soil to the bottle; not only for Cognac Leyrat, but for the other brands in the Abecassis range as well.

This young and vibrant brand uses the most up to date of advertising techniques – including social networking and blogs to bring awareness of Cognac Leyrat to other countries and also to younger consumers.

News, Products and Price

The relatively young brand of Cognac Leyrat already boasts some well recognized industry awards. These include Cognac Leyrat XO Vieille Réserve being awarded the gold medal at the 2011 International Spirits Competition.

Leyrat’s flagship product is the Cognac Leyrat Extra Glory. This is a 40 year old blend presented in a beautiful decanter and box. The bottle retails at around €350 per bottle.

Visit Cognac Leyrat

Whilst there is no individual information about visiting Leyrat, it is possible to visit the Abecassis estate. The cost is €5 per person, and free to under the under 18s. Opening hours are 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 17:30, Monday to Friday. Weekend visits are available on request and by appointment only. Group workshops and customized tours are also available – please contact the estate for details.

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