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Lasserre Cognac

Lasserre Cognac

The birth of Cognac Lasserre is one that is grounded in the testament of history, passion for the region, and a quest for one’s roots.

Born in Louisiana, New Orleans in the United States of American, founder Norvel Lasserre faced much adversity in his youth but always dreamt of making it in the business world. After traveling to a trade show in Lyon, France, he discovered a wine called Domaine Lasserre and was surprised to see his name on the bottle. This event inspired him to research further into his ancestry and heritage, to discover that his 5th generation great-grandfather, Blaise Lasserre, was a farmer in the Gers region.

After meeting Siebe Hartmans from the Cognac region, they decided to work together to bring their Lasserre Liqueur brand to life. Two years after meeting, the unique Lasserre Liqueur Honey & Cognac was born - which has been a demonstrably huge success for Norvel who is now a role model for the African-American community of Louisiana.

Visit Lasserre: 8 Rue Dupuy ,16100 Cognac ,+33 6 75 80 44 76 ,

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