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Larsen Cognac

Known as ‘The Cognac of Vikings,’ Larsen Cognac has striven to produce and offer products of high quality at selected points of sale throughout the world.

A family run concern, the story of Cognac Larsen dates back to 1926 when Jens Reidar Larsen made the move from his home country of Norway to France. Seduced by the quality of the brandy that came from the town of Cognac, he devoted much time and effort to become a connoisseur in the subject, and naturally progressed to owning and running his own Cognac house.

Today, Larsen Cognacs are as well known for their luxury packaging as the quality of their eaux-de-vie, with Limoges Porcelain and Baccarat Crystal featuring strongly with many of their premium Cognacs.

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History of Larsen Cognac

Jens Reidar Larsen moved from Tromso, Norway, to Bordeaux in 1919. With cognac production now in full swing, he spent the next few years becoming an expert in the subject before purchasing the cognac house of Joseph Gautier. However, what Jens really yearned for was a cognac that bore his own name, and after overcoming some considerable challenges, the house of Larsen Cognac came to be in 1926.

Using links to his homeland, the company’s products quickly became known not only in Norway, but all over Scandinavia. In the 1960s, he handed the reins to his eldest daughter, Jean, who began to press for further global recognition. Following in both Jen’s and Jean’s footsteps, the family business was then handed down to the next generation, who continued to create cognacs using the traditional secrets handed down through the decades. 

Cognac Larsen Today

Cognac Larsen is today run by Frederic, Nicolas and Anne, the third generation of the family Larsen. They continue to embrace the link between France and Norway, further forging relationships between the cognac house and additional countries around the world. Today both the name of Cognac Larsen and the trademark ‘Drakkar’ is known as a symbol of both high quality and ancestral tradition.

The house’s tagline – ‘The Cognac of Vikings’ – does not, contrary to popular belief, refer to the Viking race.  Instead, it refers to a state of mind; the drive and ambition that drove their ancestral countrymen to scale high seas and cross rivers in their quest of wealth and glory. The family are also proud that the business remains in its entirety in the hands of the family. They are keen to ensure that both the ancestral traditions and cognacs stored in the cellars are kept firmly within the grasp of the family business. 

News, Products and Prices

Producing a wide range of cognacs, perhaps the house of Larsen is most famous for their Larsen Viking Ship Cognac. Presented in an exclusive Limoges porcelain decanter, and hand decorated in 24 carat gold, this Fine Champagne blend has been in existence since 1952.  

The oldest cognac the house bottles, with exception to various special editions, is the Larsen Extra Reserve Cognac – a blend of both Petite and Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie.

Cognacs from the Larsen collection range from around €23 euros for their youngest blend, the Larsen VSVC Cognac, to around €200 euros for the Larsen Extra Reserve Cognac. 

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