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Landy Cognac

Landy Cognac

Cognac Landy is part of the larger company Cognac Ferrand. This relatively new house, which was established in 1989, was a collaboration between Alexandre Gabriel and a traditional wine growing family in the Charente. Thus, Cognac Ferrand, and therefore Cognac Landy too, was created with the philosophy of bringing new life back into the industry and production of cognac. Because of this, Cognac Landy is produced in the age old fashion without utilizing mass production techniques.

Visit Landy: Chateau De Bonbonnet ,16130 Ars ,+33 (0)545366250 ,No visiting information available.


History of Cognac Landy

Cognac Landy is created with the same philosophy as all of Ferrand’s brands. And this means that the cognac must be an expression of the land, and that the best grapes must be selected and slowly distilled over time. With that in mind, Cognac Landy is now well known in over 40 countries of the world and famous for being produced in the time-honored method of the Charente.

The symbol of Cognac Landy is the greyhound, a dog known as being a companion to the French aristocracy over the centuries. In fact, King Francois I – himself born in Cognac – was known to be a particular fan of greyhounds. The dog was chosen as the symbol of Landy due to its excellence and elegance – two attributes that can also be assigned to Cognac Landy itself.

Landy Cognac Today

Today Landy Cognac, although staying faithful to the production methods of old, is using 21st century cutting edge technology to advertise and brand its product. With a high profile Facebook and Twitter presence, Cognac Landy has also embraced the world of rap music by having one of the music genre’s top artists endorse the brand: none less than Snoop Dogg.

News, Products and Price

Cognac Landy has carved itself a well established name in the cognac industry, scooping many different awards. These include Cognac Landy VSOP being highly commended in the 2011 USC and Cognac Landy XO winning the ‘best in show brandy’ in the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The company produces three Landy Cognacs; their flagship product being Cognac Landy Désir, which comes in a particularly striking package in the shape of the torso of a woman.  

Landy’s cognacs range in price from around €30 for a young cognac upwards.

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