La Spiritueuse

La Spiritueuse

La Spirituese is a luxury candle brand that bases its products on the meticulous selection of eau-de-vie when making Cognac. Through a small range of three deliciously scented candles, let yourself be transported by the aromatic fragrances inspired by the development of spirits. Like Cognac, this range of candles is produced in an artisanal manner as the brand brings together French savoir-faire between the worlds of both spirits and perfume. Elaborated with natural materials and an eco-friendly approach to production and packaging – all La Spiriteuse products are hand-crafted in France.

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History of the brand

La Spiritueuse is a relatively new brand of luxury candles inspired by the carefully selected eau-de-vie (and its journey) used to create Cognac. La Spiritueuse merges knowledge of the spirit and perfume industry with an artisanal approach. From terroir to craftsmanship, the brand presents the French “art of living” from a new angle, yet a similar experience is evoked as the candles invite consumers to savor, contemplate, discover and smell the different essences with subtle notes in the same blissful theme as those experienced when tasting Cognac.

Packaging & eco-responsible Values

Honing in on the importance of reconnecting with life’s simple pleasures, in a world full of tired and over-worked souls, La Spirituese urges its customers to enjoy life at all times, to awaken the senses wherever possible and to savor the present moment to its fullest potential.

In respect to our precious planet and each other, La Spirituese ensures that each ingredient in La Spiritueuse’ fragrances is carefully selected according to strict specifications – meaning the candles are processed without any CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic), without parabens, sulphates, phthalates or even dyes.

The brand’s eco-responsible ethics remain consistent across every part of the production process which includes the packaging too. La Spiritueues sources its packaging with common sense as its manufacturing partners are mostly French if not European – all in the bid to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible.

The candle’s case is made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable. Its composition can be verified by the ‘Yuka’ of the packaging. With 'Never Ending Packaging' technology, you can find out its eco-responsibility percentage by scanning the QR Code on the case. Meanwhile, la Spirituese encourages customers to give the glass bottles a second life once all of the wax has melted, as they can gain a new life as another candle holder, a flowerpot, or even a storage compartment.

Brand Ethics

La Spiritueuse is not just a brand of scented candles, but above all, it is a human adventure, therefore the brand sets out to support those who play a part in the production process whether they are employees or partners. Among them is the L'Arche en Charente association. Approved as a medico-social establishment for 35 years, this charity welcomes and supports people with intellectual disabilities in places of shared activities, work and life. All La Spirituese candles are meticulously packaged on their premises, as it is essential for the brand to make our project part of a united and human approach in accordance with the founder’s personal values.


There are currently three candle’s in the collection, each dedicated to different aspects of the world of Cognac: La Vigne, L’Alambic and Le Chai.

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