Kelt Cognac

Kelt Cognac

Produced purely from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne, Cognac Kelt is all about the traditions of old. To the extent where every oak barrel of Kelt eaux-de-vie is sent on a three month sea journey around the world – known as the Tour du Monde “ocean maturation”. Kelt Cognac produce a range of cognacs from a VSOP upwards to a speciality cognac, all bearing names that mirror their maritime voyage.

Kelt Cognac

Visit Kelt: 12 Avenue des Sports ,32110 Nogaro ,+33 (0)56209 9818 ,No visiting information available. Other products by Kelt: Armagnac, Whisky

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Awards IWSC 2018

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History of Cognac Kelt

Cognac Kelt, whilst being a relatively young cognac house, has links that hail back over the centuries. The Kelt family are from Scandinavia, and Mr Kelt spent a long time studying the distillation of cognacs as well as Madeira, Rum and Aquavit of his native Norway. It was this study that taught him that the quality improved in spirits that were aging in barrels on a long sea voyage.

So the company began to experiment and had a special container produced for the first sea voyage in 1990. The cognac world looked on, many with cynical eyes. After the voyage, a tasting session was arranged with some of the top names in the cognac industry, and it was with some surprise that the experiment was hailed a great success.

And so an optimum route around the world was established, and one which all Kelt cognac now follows. For a reasons not yet understood, a westerly circumnavigation does not reap the same benefits as an easterly one, so all ships get sent westwards. The barrels are only filled to just under three-quarters full so that the liquid can move and has a large enough surface for the ideal amount of alcohol to evaporate. The voyage takes between 90-110 days dependent on the weather. When the cognacs return, they are rested for around three to five months before being transferred to bottles.

Kelt Cognac Today

All of Kelt’s cognac products today travel around the world on their sea voyage before being bottled. The aim is to produce cognacs similar to those of the past, where many cognacs and eaux-de-vie were subjected to this epic oceanic journey. It’s even possible to track the location of current shipments via Kelt’s website.

Today the company has a worldwide distribution network. This covers China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, the USA, Taiwan, Switzerland and Estonia. The company, whilst using every modern technology possible to promote their cognacs, sticks rigidly to the production methods of the 18th and 19th century, and relies heavily on the maritime theme in their marketing efforts.

News, Products and Old Labels

Kelt’s “Tour de Monde VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac” was highest rated in the World Spirit Championship, and the “Tour de Monde XO Grande Champagne Cognac” is the only XO to have ever been awarded the platinum medal in the World Spirits Championship 1995.

Kelt also produce limited edition cognacs such as the Kelt Christopher Columbus and Kelt Les Quatre Vents.

Prices for Kelt cognacs range from around US$45 for their VSOP up to prices in the thousands for the rarer bottles. 

Kelt also produce Armagnac and Whisky.

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Paul 2012-01-07

I just bought a bottle of VSOP Kelt and I have seen the XO Kelt in two stores. Not sure why kelts products are not listed.

Phivos 2011-12-30

I found your article informative and enjoyed reading it. I have at home a bottle of KELT XO 50cl Tour de Monde. I can not find a similar bottle on your site. Have Kelt stopped producing this? Please inform me. Phivos