Frapin Cognac

Frapin Cognac

The Frapin family has been around the Southwest of France since 1270. Always active in the domain of winegrowing, they specialized in distillation much later on and have since continued to stand strong throughout twenty one generations! The estate owns 340 hectares of land entirely in the Grande Champagne area, of which 240 are planted with vines. Frapin’s home in the beautiful castle Fontpinot in the town of Segonzac. The most famous family member was the 16th century author Francois Rabelais, after whom a prestigious Frapin Cognac bottle is named: The Cuvee Rabelais, rather fittingly, the house of Frapin is also the only Cognac estate granted permission to call itself a Chateau within the entire Grande Champagne cru. Alongside many other accolades, Frapin was the first Cognac producer to invent a multi-vintage blend, combining vintages of different years to create the perfect taste.

Visit Frapin: Rue Pierre-Frapin, BP 1 ,16130 Segonzac ,+33 (0)5 45 83 40 03 ,You can contact the Cognac house directly to inquire about visits. Visit the Frapin official website at

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History of Frapin

Since 1270, the Frapin family has been living in the South-West of France. They have been active winegrowers, and later on distillers, for over 21 generations. The Frapin estate is set in the Grande Champagne at the Château de Fontpinot in Segonzac. It is the only cognac house that enjoys the classification “Chateau” combined with prime quality 100% Grande Champagne grapes. The family tradition of the Frapins is striking with such ancestors as the 16th century Renaissance humanist writer Francois Rabelais. The house of Frapin pays tribute to this famous ancestor with the prestigious Cuvée Rabelais.

Frapin Today

Today, the estate is owned and run by Jean-Pierre Cointreau, who continues to use advanced techniques and natural treatments at Frapin, which makes them an innovative company with a vision for sustainable development. Patrice Piveteau has been the acclaimed cellar master of Frapin since 2011 and he continues to manage the cellar with the same level of innovation as the previous cellar master who iconically curated the multi-vintage Cognac, a blend of three different vintages that he unites to create a unique taste in Cognac.

News, Products, Anecdotes and Old Labels

Over the years, Frapin has impressed critics and connoisseurs, taking home copious internationally recognised medals and awards for outstanding quality. For example, in 2010, Frapin's Multimilléssime was awarded the "Best Cognac of the Year" Award at the International Spirit Challenge.

Visit the Estate of Frapin

Contact Frapin directly to enquire about visiting the premises.

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