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Dusse Cognac

Dusse Cognac

Created just shy of five years ago, D’USSÉ Cognac may seem young, but everything about them exudes age-old tradition and regional history. Crafted at one of the oldest Cognac houses in France, the Château de Cognac, it makes for stunning eaux-de-vie that quite literally soak up the atmosphere of where they are located. Cellar Master Michel Cassavecchia has been curating Cognac for over two decades, and their range now consists of the D’USSÉ XO and the D’USSÉ VSOP. They have certainly been in the limelight for the past couple of years thanks to a collaboration with US rapper and hip hop mogul, Jay-Z.

Visit Dusse: 127, boulevard Denfert Rochereau ,16100 Cognac ,+33 (0)5 45 36 88 86 ,Guided tours all year around. The visit includes a tour through the medieval chateau of Cognac.

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Interesting facts about the history of D'Ussé Cognac

1. The Dussé brand takes the symbol of the Cross of Lorraine - that's probably why you might know it as the Cognac with a cross on the bottle. It represents the French emblem of courage, honor, and perseverance. They have adopted a symbol of French history for their own. The bottles from this Cognac house, therefore, looks particularly medieval, royal and rustic.

2. They are located at the iconic Château de Cognac which was, in fact, the birthplace of François I king of France. Sitting on the banks of the Charente, you couldn’t get a more scenic spot for producing Cognac.

3. DUSSE Cognac is produced by the same house that brings you the Cognac of Baron Otard - who have been producing Cognacs for centuries.

4. DUSSE Cognac is owned by Bacardi, which is the largest family-owned spirits company in the world, alongside Grey Goose, Dewar’s Scotch Whisky and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

5. Jay-Z is now part owner of the DUSSE Cognac brand.

Jay Z - Dusse Cognac Ambassador and Part-Owner

Read more about Jay Z's exclusive collaboration with this Cognac brand on our blog here. Jay Z is quite the businessman, having already founded Rocawear and Roc Nation.

The Château de Cognac: Home of Dusse Cognac

The Cognac is blended and crafted at the historic Chateau de Cognac, one of the oldest Cognac houses in France.

It is close to the River Charente, resulting in two different climates - a humid cellar that results in fruity, floral notes, and the dry cellar creates woody, spicy flavors of the Cognac. Blending the two eaux-de-vie is the secret to their bottles, the VSOP and XO. Cognac has been produced at this property for over 200 years.

Michel Cassavecchia, DUSSE Cellar Master

Michel Cassavecchia has been crafting Cognacs for over 20 years and has a particular skill in blending to produce a spirit that can be enjoyed both neat, and with certain cocktails. The Dussé Cognac brand has this at the forefront of their craft: he has created an older VSOP blend for aromatic purposes and is left to mature for 6 months after blending.

Read more about how Dusse Cognac is made here on our blog.


14 comments for Dusse Cognac

Terry & Carmen Lee 2017-03-17

First timers in trying cognac and we were fortunate enough to select a bottle of D'Usse. Purchased at ABC liquors for $60 and for the fun of it we ordered Norman Copenhagen glasses so we could pretend that we were snobs. Don't blame us, we live in Naples Florida and we were first timers so we had no idea what to expect. So very very fine!

Squirrell 2016-10-28

been drinking this for years now, love it, it mixes well with cider, ginger ale and even Champange, I buy mine at BevMo.

Squirrell 2016-10-28

been drinking this for years now, love it, it mixes well with cider, ginger ale and even Champange, I buy mine at BevMo.

Grigori of Chicago and California... 2016-09-05

I Have Travel All Over The World. By Far It Meet The Mark.... One Of The Best Cognac.... On The Market....

brookie Mosley 2016-02-24

I loved it when I went to Detroit and I've been hooked since that day

Ray 2013-09-02

Got a bottle when I was in Chicago should have got two we don`t carry it in St.Louis

Sony Blanc 2013-07-18

Try To Find D'usse in Pennsylvania I'm having major trouble with my search. I've already had a couple of bottles in New York & New Jersey.I told vouch & endorse this congac its great I recommend. It would be nice if any one in phillpsburg nj had this available or allentown pa. Can someone help plesse

Luis Rentas 2013-04-09

You guys should really thank the big homie Jay-z his face has D'USSE sold out in most stores in ct

Nino J 2013-03-07

Tell us your personal opinion about this cognac house. Have you visited their estate? If yes, what is it like? What do you think of the brand's cognac range? Any highlights or bottles you like in particular?

Max ( 2013-01-20

Hi Joseph, unfortunately we do not have a list of stores and shops. It would be good to know where to purchase D'Ussé in New York, so if anyone could add that, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

joseph 2013-01-17

hey where in new york can i buy dusse cognac?

Ken Saveth 2012-09-12

I would LOVE to get a bottle of this newly released cognac; D'Usse VSOP however Oklahoma liquor laws are quite archaic. Does anyone know WHERE I might pick up a bottle in any of the surrounding states such as Arkansas, Missouri or even North Texas?

Peter 2012-05-10

Actually this new D'Usse Cognac is launched by famous rap star Jay-Z! Yes, that man who basically is the biggest star in the US promotes Dusse Cognac.. he kicked-off yesterday's NYC launch party. This will bring millions into the musican's safe.

Max 2012-05-09

This cognac launches right now in NYC. D'Ussé Cognac is the new brandy of Bacardi/Chateau de Cognac, that also produced Otard.

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