Davidoff Cognac

Davidoff Cognac

The ‘raison d’etre’ behind Cognac Davidoff is the production of a cognac that is specifically designed. Zino Davidoff (1906 to 1994) made quality his philosophy - for friends and customers. This tenet still characterises the essence and the products of the Davidoff Luxury Group today, with our two cognacs, Davidoff VSOP and Davidoff XO, representing the latest manifestation of such a special claim.

Davidoff Cognac

Visit Davidoff: 16, quai de líOrangerie ,16200 Jarnac ,+33 (0)545357272 ,http://www.zinodavidoff.com/cognac/ No visiting information available.

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“Pleasures are not transitory, because they leave lasting impressions.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The philosophy behind the cognac Davidoff has always been “In life, one must be satisfied only with the best,” and this continues to this day. 

News, Products and Prices

A bottle of Davidoff Cognac VSOP can be purchased for around $ 85 euros. Produced from the fruits different separate growing regions. Davidoff XO is a modern, elegant cognac, characterised by hints of plum and honey, in a surprisingly bold and contemporary packaging. The price of this cognac is at around $ 220.

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Jon Mills 2012-04-15

I believe that the Davidoff brand is now owned by Hine. They have repackaged the brand with lovely new bottles and labels.