Conjure Cognac

Conjure Cognac

Conjure Cognac is the brain child of two extremely ambitious and talented entrepreneurs. One is a world renowned hip hop star, the other a fourth generation cognac producer. They share the love for cognac and together embarked on an adventure that resulted in a cool, modern and remarkably successful product" CONJURE Cognac. Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, record selling US hip-hoper and actor, and Kim Birkedal Hartmann, owner of the cognac house Birkedal Hartmann, blended this smooth and mixable cognac with master blender Philippe B. Tiffon and launched it in 2009. A huge success on the US market as well as in Norway, CONJURE sees increasing sales, slowly conquering markets across Europe. This collaboration has immensely helped for cognac to be accepted by a younger generation as a drink that is not associated with older gentlemen, dark libraries and cigars, but with pop music, clubs and parties.

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Strategy of Conjure Cognac

With its young and trendy design (silhouettes of naked women on the bottle) it proposes that cognac has more to do with a cool lifestyle than many like to think. It seems almost certain that to some in the cognac industry, CONJURE symbolizes a loss of traditional values and celebrates selling-out to contemporary culture. To Kim Birkedal Hartmann, this is a positive development, as he is not one to defend conservatism over a healthy look forward. One can't hold it against him, he has managed to create a brand that is extremely popular with young people, embracing the music industry and party scenes across the America and Europe.

In terms of communication, CONJURE applies a variety of social networking tools such as its blog, Facebook and Twitter.   Its website features a vast choice of signature cocktail recipes such as Conjure Sweet Tea, Keisha Brown or Lova Lova to name but a few. From meet & greet to signing sessions and regular youtube videos, Ludacris is entirely committed to his product, which has boosted its commercial success. He has even negotiated product placement in large Hollywood movie productions in which he features.

News, Products & Anecdotes

CONJURE’s slogan: “Combining contemporary American culture with hundred year-old French tradition.” 

Recently, there have been successful developments into markets beyond the US and Scandinavia. Even in Paris, which ironically is renowned to be a difficult territory for launching new cognac products, Conjure Coganc seems to have found an interesting consumer base. 

There has been a feature in America's People Magazine for CONJURE's cocktail GOLOW in March 2011!


4 comments for Conjure Cognac

Cortez 2015-04-21

I think Conjure has a smoother taste and a nicer bouquet than Hennessey. My choice of cognac is Martel Cordon Blue. Price wise Hennessey is was my choice, since I tried Conjure about three years ago it has become my cognac of choice. If you haven't tried it take a chance you just may find it to be a keeper.

Greg 2013-01-08

Hey Mark H. if you are a Hennessy drinker for years if you haven't already tried it. Please go out and get the Hennessy VSOP little more costly but that is some really good stuff. I enjoy Henny VSOP or Chivas Regal. Henny straight up and the Chivas in rock glass only 2 cubes of ice. Drink on and enjoy

Stan J 2012-03-24

Cognac is my drink of choice. I started off with Hennessey, then got close to Remy Martin VSOP. I found myself back with Hennessey until i found Conjure. To me, Conjure is in the same class with Hennessey but, i feel Conjure is a little smoother than i expected. I like to be a trend setter so i chose Conjure!

Mark H. 2012-01-07

I too have been drinking cognac for years. Hennessy is all I ever buy. It is a premium cognac that is widely celebrated and known. It is one of the tops when it comes to cognac, and fine indeed. Conjure is almost as good as Hennessy which is hard to pull off. I don't know the brand VS or VSOP but I know my taste buds enjoyed this drink, not as much as Hennessy but very close.

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