Cognac Moisans

Cognac Moisans

When Roland Bru settled in the Cognac region in 1960, he purchased an iconic property along the banks of the Charente River - a key feature in the history of the Cognac trade. He rebuilt and expanded the Distillerie des Moisans, outfitting it with the equipment that make it an exceptional producer of fine Cognac.

Today Cognac Moisans encompasses 30 hectares of vines in the Fins Bois, with 95% of their vineyard of the Ugni Blanc grape variety. 
Having been passed down the Bru Legaret family for three generations, the single estate process - from distilling, ageing, bottling and marketing - all takes place here in this small and historic hamlet. 

Visit Cognac Moisans: 9 Impasse des Chais , 16440 Sireuil ,+33 5 45 90 55 45


The history of Cognac Moisans

The history of this estate in fact dates all the way back to 1685, when Louis Deau moved near Sireuil to the Charente region. He discovered the magic of distilling Cognac, and from then on, each generation cultivated the vineyard with their savoir-faire to draw upon.

The process of Cognac production

In a breathtaking cathedral-like building, 12 Charentes of 25-hectoliters distill non-stop between October and March. Double-distilled, only the fragrant core of the eau de vie remains, an indicator of its high quality.

The cellar master personally oversees the meticulous distillation process. With talent and remarkable savoir-faire, the cellar master bestows the priceless personality to the Cognac Moisans eau de vie. The maturing cellars are considered as the jewel of this distillery.

In dark, quiet cellars with nearly a thousand 350-liter barrels and fifty 350-hectoliter casks, it is a truly magical place.

The cellars are ideally located on the banks of the Charente, carefully embedded in limestone. The river provides optimum humidity for a harmonious, slow maturation process.

The stocks are nothing short of plentiful, and prevent Cognac Moisans from suffering from fluctuations in the market. The stocks provide customers with the pleasure of a rare and complex taste.

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