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Ciroc is not a Cognac brand in the true sense of the word, but rather a range of spirits created by Bordeaux based Master Distiller, Jean-Sebastian Robicquet. Up until 2018, the brand of Ciroc was best known for its distinctive range of vodkas. But now, with the creation of a VS French Brandy, the house is branching out. With the hip hop star, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, AKA, P. Diddy, endorsing the product, the whole Ciroc range is hitting the headlines. Their vodka is created, unusually, from French grapes, as is their new VS Brandy. With Robicquet's expertise in the art of wine making, this makes for a truly interesting brand, and one that's sure to only increase as time goes by.


History of Ciroc

Ciroc, or–to be more precise, Ciroc Vodka came into being in the year 2003. It's the creation of Master Distiller, Jean-Sebastian Robicquet, who lives and works at the historic family estate of Maison Villevert, in the Bordeaux wine region of France. He comes from a long line of wine growers, and the estate has been in the Robicquet family for over 500 years.

Jean-Sebastian has embraced the world of wine making, earning his Oenology diploma in 1988, and a Masters in Law, Economics and Management of the Wine Industry in 1990. In 2003 he turned his expertise to the art of Vodka, creating the range for which Ciroc is most famous. This includes a whole range of flavored vodkas, each of which are made from grapes, not grain, making them unusual in the world of clear spirits.

Ciroc Today

Today the house continues to be headed by Jean-Sebastian, and together with the drinks giant, Diageo, have brought to market a VS French Brandy. This has been rolled out in the US, and is designed to be enjoyed in the same way as their innovative range of vodkas–as a mixed drink or within a cocktail.

The hip hop star, P. Diddy endorses the brand.

News, Products, Awards, and Anecdotes

Of course, Ciroc VS French Brandy is not a Cognac, because there are many strict laws that govern the creation of such products. However, not being constrained in such a manner gives Ciroc the leeway to experiment with different grapes and aging methods.

Visit Ciroc

There is no information on visiting Ciroc or the estate of Villevert. We suggest you contact the house directly if you wish to go there.

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