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Chateau Arton Armagnac

Chateau Arton Armagnac

Arriving in Arton in 1978, Chateau Arton Armagnac is run by a passionate couple named Patrick de Montal and Victoire de Montesquiou who left their lives in Paris behind to fulfil their dreams of returning to their ancestral land in Gascony. With such a varied range of Armagnacs and wines available, rest assured each and every offering is produced with utmost passion and love for the craft.


History of Château Arton Armagnac

On August 28, 1978, it took just one look for both Patrick de Montal and Victoire de Montesquiou to know that their future rested at the Arton estate. A dream come true; it held the key to their future livelihood. Turning their backs on their Parisian life to return to the place where they were born: Patrick in Rieutort, Victoire found themselves back in Marsan – inspired bother passion for returning to their ancestral land and paying homage to the Gascony that they hold so dear. 

With a stroke of good luck, after moving into the Arton Estate, Patrick and Victoire discovered Centenary barrels in the old cellar, meaning the prop holds a long history of wine – only for its memory to be reawakened with passion and a dream in the following years to come.

At 40 years old, the pair became winemakers, a complete change of path and fulfilling a dream that channels the spirit of Gascony. Planting their first vines in 1981, then the following in 1990, the Domaine started to take the shape that the brand recognizes today.

Château Arton Armagnac Today

Land of good living, Gascony infuses Patrick and Victoire with a way of life that has become their signature. Carried by their wonder and love of beauty, they let themselves be inspired by the estate and land of Arton. From the elegance of its harvests to the allure of its landscape, it relates to life in its simplest form with taste and serenity. So much more than a vineyard, Arton is the dream shared between a man and a woman. It is the love of a place uncovered, revisited and reinvented.

News & Products

Boasting an extensive collection of Gascony wines and Cognacs, you’ll be spoilt for choice when selecting the right offering for you. While there are plenty of options, the range reveals the quality and an impressive variety, considering the brand’s status as a reasonably young wine producer.


Hanging on the main gate, the first thing you’ll see when visiting Chateau Arton is the “M”, which was there long before Patrick and Victoria arrived. Some may say it was fate, and the chateau was waiting for them, as it matches the pair's family name initial. Beyond the gate and around the village of Arton, admire the delicate beauty of the landscape, which meanders to the peaks of the Pyrenees. With an abundance of blissful nature, expect to see peonies and hydrangeas, clusters of oak trees, the springs and even a lake – it’s a stunning setting well worth a visit, if not for the Armagnac produced here but the location itself too.

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