Camus Cognac

Camus Cognac

Since 1863, five generations of the CAMUS family have cultivated a single-minded passion for crafting great Cognac with their own style. With 180 hectares in the smallest and rarest AOC cru - Borderies - renowned for producing eaux-de-vie with an intense floral bouquet and excellent ageing qualities - the Camus family has always been deeply involved in winemaking and distilling. It is this unbreakable bond between the land, the traditions and the men who live on it, that helps craft superb Cognacs. In 2000, the House premiered with the first ever 100% Borderies XO Cognac. A solid success, it was to become the Camus signature Cognac, offering an outstanding combination of violet and vanilla spice aromas of intense velvety smoothness.

All Camus products

Camus Elegance range is a bold illustration of CAMUS’ Living Tradition with Cognacs that truly respect the original character of the eaux-de-vie and are remarkable for the finesse of their blends. In its ongoing search to explore the diverse regions of the Cognac appellation, CAMUS became the first Cognac House to capture the unique marine notes of the Ile de Ré vineyards. Raised and aged on the island, Camus Ile de Ré Cognacs typically offer fresh iodine notes with hints of dried fruit with archetypal mellow softness. Produced in limited quantities, they offer a rich and unique taste experience. Camus also proposes a Masterpiece collection of rare, limited cuvées, each consisting of a unique, exceptional blend presented in spectacular cases as well as Rarissimes vintages of most extraordinary Cognacs - certified under bailiff’s supervision and bottled without reduction, allowing them to express the full strength of their aroma and character.

History of Camus

In 1863 Jean-Baptiste Camus founded a collective of producers to create the highest quality cognac, they called it “La Grande Marque”. As development was very positive and business was flourishing, Jean-Baptiste decided to buy out his partners and establish his very independent cognac house, which he called Camus La Grande Marque. After his death, Edmond and Gaston Camus took over the running of the company in 1894, Edmond being the cellar master and Gaston looking after the export business. Camus even received an order from the Court of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicolas II, to supply them with their fine spirit. Following these two, there was Michael Camus, yet another clever business mind. He attacked the international market even more aggressively, seeing huge potential in the duty free market. He approached the American group Duty Free and got a deal with them in the early 1960s, delivering a variety of products, even decanters made from Limoges porcelain and Baccarat Crystal – later on to become the preferred material for top-of-the-line luxury cognac bottles. In 1977 Jean-Paul Camus would become cellar master and gradually get involved in the international affairs. He furthered the duty free business that his father introduced to the Asia-Pacific region, notably to Japan and Korea. This step established Camus as one of the five leading cognac house.

Camus Today

Today, it is Cyril Camus who is the bearer of all family tradition and the undisputed quality of Camus Cognac. Export development remains at the top of the list, however product innovation to keep up with the other large producers is also extremely important. Cyril Camus has entirely modernized the cognac house’s interiors, relying on a fresh new take on Cognac for the new century. Instead of leather, wood and velvet in shades of brown, he opts for light colors and a combination of tradition and modern design.

The business strategy of the modern Maison Camus is that of diversification, with a range of Cognacs on offer as well as wine, champagne and select coffee roasts.

Visit Camus

Since 2005, personal tours are given to visitors from all around the world to show them another, more vibrant side to cognac. You can choose either from a traditional guided tour to an innovative introduction to master blending or cooking course with cognac as the special ingredient.


Visits open to the public all year around. Contact Camus for opening hours and reservations.

Visit Camus: 29, rue Marguerite de Navarre ,16100 Cognac ,+33 5 45 32 28 28 ,Visit Camus: 29, rue Marguerite de Navarre, 16100 Cognac, +33 5 45 32 28 28 Camus Cognac House offers a wonderful tour and cooking master classes throughout the year.

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22 comments for Camus Cognac

Tammy 2013-09-16

Hello, I have a 1963 bottle of Camus Cognac. It's to commemorate 100th Anniversary of 1863. What price can I get for this?

Enrique Alvaro Lanzalot 2013-04-09

Hi! I'm from Argentina. I have a bottle of Camus Cognac V.S.O.P. La Grande Marque that belongs to my father in law. I would like to get a price on. I search the web and i could not find a resault about this particular bottle. If you could help me, i would be delighted. Many Thanks! Enrique.

David Sharman 2013-04-09

I have a bottel of Camus 1971 vintage president's Reserve and wondering what is the best way of selling this and how much is it worth today.

yeozer 2013-01-31

@ Jim: yes the Chunghwa XO is indeed produced by Camus, targeting China's market. If I remember correctly, the first edition has a box that looks like the Chunghwa cigarette box from China. Try to Google it and you should be able to see some pictures of both the rounder bottle and the square bottle.

jack 2013-01-25

I have a bottle of cognac that i would like to get a price on... I have had one valuation but would like to get a second opinion. It is a 'CHATEAU DU PLESSIS XO' Borderies - 16370 Many thanks.

Mick 2013-01-08

I have bottle n.o 37 of Camus Cognac / LA summer Games 1984 that i'd like to sell to someone that woud appreciate it, as i am not a fan of cognac, it was passed on to me from my old man who could not take it with him moving house. It is unopened.

Jim 2012-12-26

Hi I have a bottle of Camus Chunghwa XO Premium Cognac but I'm not sure is this also one of Camus Cognac that they produce. I didn't see it on their website. Can anyone tell me is this is real or not. Thank YOu.

Laine 2012-10-16

My cousin asked me to find out how much her collection of these special cognac bottles is worth. She inherited the collection from her departed father and she has continued to collect them. So these bottles I'm talking about belong to a rare special-edition-porcelain-bottled-cognac-collection that were bottled on behalf of soccer world cup tournaments in 1978, 1982, 1986 and 1990 as well as olympic games in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1994. My cousin has two pieces of some of the bottles. ALL the bottles are sealed and unopened. All the bottles, except one of the 1978 year Camus bottle, are in their original card board package. In the end of this email there's a link to dropbox folder, where you can find some pictures of these bottles. My cousin also has some rare porcelain "book" bottles of Camus Napoleon cognac in their original packages. (Pictures can be found from behind the link) My cousin would like to know how much the whole collection of 1978-1994 sports tournament bottles are worth. (They will not be sold separately) Those bottles that have pairs would be sold separately as well as the "book" bottles. She is willing to sell all the bottles if she can get a reasonable price.

Robert Barone 2012-09-12

I have a bottle of camus xo I bought in France over 20 years ago. It's in a decanteur bottle with a glass stopper. Only other markings on seal around glass stopper "Camus d Cey". Anyone have any info on this bottle including price. Thanks.

Marc from 2012-09-04

@Robert Barone: You may want to you use the Submit bottle (right top corner of our website) function to ask for more help. Cheers

Robert Barone 2012-09-04

I have a bottle of camus xo I bought in France over 20 years ago. It's in a decanteur bottle with a glass stopper. Only other markings on seal around glass stopper "Camus d Cey". Anyone have any info on this bottle including price. Thanks.

Tee Khoon 2012-07-14

Hello Cognac lovers~ Just wonder if anyone might know the price of a Camus Cognac XO Superior, 100 cl? It seems that the Camus XO types don't even list "Superior" as one of their types of products anymore. Any information/knowledge on this? Thank you!

joeydemero 2012-06-29

Good day! Hi! I have 3 kinds of Cognac green dark bottle, and I would like to know the price of the following: 1. Cognac Camus Napoleon La Grande Marque 1863 (021826 CQ) 2. VSOP Cognac Biscuit Fine Champagne Cognac France 3. Courvoisier Cognac Fine Champagne VSOP 16200 Jarnac France

Diana 2012-05-21

Hi! I´m a fan of Maison Camus and is my dream to visit the chateau du plessis. But I don´t have the address. Could some confirm me if the right address of the casttle is: 29, rue Marguerite de Navarre16100 Cognac? Also Could, someone could help me to organice my tour to the chateau answering the following questions: *Do we have to buy in advance the entrance tickets? *How much does it cost? *Where could I buy them? *How could I get from Paris to the Chateu? in bus, train, airplane, or what? could someone recommend me? thanks

Diana 2012-05-18

My favorite "Camus". But better yet - "Josephine Pour Femme Camus". Party!

brunon 2012-02-28

I have a Camus Cognac bottle centenaire célébration 1963 with the serial number of 542815 could someone tell me the price and value?

Tan Hai Leng 2012-02-03

I have a bottle of Cognac Michel Camus Royal in Bacarrat crystal and gold plated label on the box. Can you tell me the current price?

Hegerberg 2012-01-30

Can anybody tell me if they know about a cognac camus hors d`age,grande marque, bottle made by baccarat, crystal decanter with a silver belt.Decanted in 1988.Only 5000 bottles.I got 1.bottle nr.1331.Anybody????

James Marlow 2012-01-29

I have a bottle of Camus Napoleon Cognac in a Limoges decanteur commemorating the 1984 summer Olympic games in Los Angeles. Bottle is still sealed and in box. What is its value and how could I sell it?

ellahguillermo 2012-01-18

i love camus cognac....

Max 2011-12-28

Hi! Those porcelain cognac bottles from Camus are hard to find, and hard to buy today. You may want to look in our category YOUR BOTTLE (in BLOG section) where users submit pictures of their old cognac bottles. You should find something there. There are cognac collectors out there who still purchase and sell those Camus bottles.

saxon wolf 2011-12-27

I bought my husband cognac in a beautiful pocelain blue bottle 20 years ago..can I still get this..Thank you.

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