Brillet J R Cognac

Brillet J R Cognac

Proud of its family tradition, Brillet Cognac insists that the history is entirely linked to that of cognac. As early on as 1656, Guy Brillet installed his first alembic (the classic still) at his property in the Grande Champagne. This was the introduction of the double distillation process that creates cognac to this day. The Brillets live off their philosophy that things made with care are more valuable, sticking to traditional techniques of production and packaging. Their motto is not to impress through high maintenance or expensive containers, but rather through a humble and high quality aesthetic: a real family business!

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History of Brillet

Six generations after the introduction of the double distillation procedure by Guy Brillet, around 1850, the family acquired more land and moved its stills and cellars to a more generous location in the town of Graves. Continuing the tradition of innovator, which their ancestor had started, Jean Brillet and later on his son Jean-Louis continued to run the cognac house with much engagement, being the first to sell Pineau des Charente as a product.

Brillet Today

The goal of Brillet is to continue to hold on to the core values of the company and to pass it on to the 11th generation and to allow this person to develop the business as they wish, possibly with a creative and innovative motivation for the future.

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