Bowen Cognac

Bowen Cognac

Bowen Cognac has a romantic backstory, coming into being through a man’s love for a woman combined with all the excitement of travel and intrigue. Known as much for their miniature sized cognac bottles as the regular, Bowen produces a range of different qualities, including an interesting ‘Pale Cognac’ specifically produced to be mixed with tonic or savoured on the rocks.

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History of Bowen Cognac

Although the exact date is unknown, at some point at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the great grandfather of Rene-Luc Chabasse (an owner of estates and brands of cognac) inherited a number of properties and vineyards in the Cognac region. He took full advantage of this fortune, and decided to combine this work with his passion for travel.

His voyages took him around the globe, but he felt himself drawn to the French colonies of Indochina and Africa. It was on one of these trips that he met and fell in love with one Elizabeth Bowen – a young lady whose family had a farm near Pondicherry in south east India.

Smitten, the young man poured all his efforts into creating a particularly aromatic and elegant cognac just for her. The result was a success, and the beginning of a journey of a cognac brand that still bears her name today.

Cognac Bowen Today

Today, Cognac Bowen produce and market a wide range of cognacs – some with names that continue to bear homage towards their founder’s love of travel. One such is Bowen India – a cognac based drink combined with blood orange, bitter orange, walnut and spice extracts, to be drunk on ice or mixed into a cocktail.

Cognac Bowen also markets their complete range in a miniature, 5cl format. This extends even to their oldest quality cognacs, the Bowen XO Cognac, Bowen XO Gold ‘n Black Cognac and the Bowen Extra Cognac.

News, Products and Prices

The whole range of Bowen Cognacs can be described as an artisan collection. All are available to purchase via their website, and every taste and pocket is catered for. A regular, 70cl sized bottle of Bowen VS Cognac can be purchased for around €30, right through to the Bowen Extra Cognac that is presented in a beautiful leather case and retails for around €450.

The packaging of all of Bowen’s cognacs remains traditional and understated. From their Pineau des Charente through to the Bowen Napoleon Cognac, the bottles, both miniature and regular sized are of a classic shape but with the distinctive touch of the label covering the lower third of the bottle.

From the Bowen XO Cognac upwards the bottles take on a shape that wouldn’t look out of place on the smartest of dressing tables, and once again sporting the label on the lower portion of the bottle.

Visit Bowen Cognac

There is no information available about visiting the estate of Bowen Cognac.

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