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Bourgoin Cognac

Bourgoin Cognac

Epitomizing the true concept of a micro-artisan cognac house. Bourgoin Cognac is all about a true passion for the land, the vines, the wine and, naturally, the creation of the ultimate product.  This family run estate is located in the village of Tarsac, where this small, close-knit group work tirelessly to bring to market a small but quality range of 'must-taste' cognac delights.

Visit Bourgoin: 6 Rue de Tarsac ,16290 Saint Saturnin ,+ 33 (0)681 597172 ,Email:

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History of Bourgoin Cognac

The estate of Bourgoin is a family run affair that is all about tradition and working in harmony with nature.  The house has always embraced methods of cognac production without the use of filtration or additives.

Bourgoin Cognac today

In the 21st century, the house continues along the path of producing eaux-de-vie in a way that works with the land, never against it.  The estate sits on the Greenwich Meridian and is tended by the small family team.  The concept of their sales pitch is never to brag - they simply let the cognac do the talking...

Visit Bourgoin Cognac

There is no information available on visiting the estate.  Contact them directly for further information.

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