Bertrand Cognac

Bertrand Cognac

Located in the town of Réaux sur Trèfle, in the Petite Champagne terroir, the house of Bertrand Cognac boasts centuries of tradition in the art of making Cognac.  This family run, independent house produce a small, high quality range of Cognacs, from a VS through to an XO, and everything in between.  Dedicated and passionate  about their art, the family Bertrand farm their 82 hectares of land, guaranteeing that every single one of their Cognacs is produced solely from grapes grown within their own vineyards.

Visit Bertrand: Domaine des Brissons de Laage ,17500 RÉAUX SUR TRÈFLE


History of Bertrand Cognac

The family Bertrand are rightfully proud of their heritage.  The estate, along with all the skills, knowledge, and passion has been handed down through the generations since 1731.  As well as this, some exceptional and rare eaux-de-vie has also been inherited - including some that date back as far as 1903. 

The windmill - the trademark of Bertrand Cognac, denotes the last windmill that's still standing in the town of Réaux sur Trèfle today, and is located within the vineyards of Bertrand Cognac

Bertrand Cognac Today

Today the family continue to work their magic and produce Cognac in the same tradition of tester-year.  They are also committed to the Charter of Vigneron Indépendant (independent vineyards).  Their philosophy is to respect the land, work with the vines, harvest their own grapes, bottle their brandy within their own cellars, market their products, further develop their eaux-de-vies, and to further train with full respect for tradition - their membership of this charter guarantees that all their products adhere to these regulations.

News, awards, and anecdotes

The Cognacs of Bertrand have won awards back as far as 1905 - and there are many, many since then.  Some of the more recent include the following:

  • Bertrand XO - Gold Medal, Concours General Agricole 2012
  • Bertrand VSOP - Bronze Medal, Prix de Vinales Nationale 2012
  • Bertrand XO - Gold Medal, Beverage Tasting Institute Chicago 2013
  • Bertrand Napoleon - Gold Medal, Beverage Tasting Institute Chicago 2013

Visit Bertrand Cognac

It's possible to visit the cellars, distillery, and tasting rooms of Bertand Cognac.  These are open annually from May 01 to August 31, Monday to Thursday from 15:00 to 19:00.  Visits on Friday and Saturday are by appointment only.  If you wish to visit at other times of the year, this is also by appointment only.

Visit the website of Bertrand Cognac

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