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ABK6 Cognac

ABK6 Cognac

Owned by Francis Abécassis (a homonym of ABK6 when pronounced in French), ABK6 Cognac is a relatively young brand based in the Domaine de Chez Maillard near the village of Claix. The brand is known for its choice to produce single estate Cognacs, with its eaux-de-vie being carefully selected from their 220 hectares of land, specifically for their aromatic intensity and indulgence. The label has shaken up the industry by introducing a young and modern spirit to a traditional drink, without compromising on quality. The company is now one of the largest independent producers in Cognac, and also owns the brands Leyrat, Reviseur and Grands Domaines. Attention to detail is applied to every single aspect of production at ABK6, with sustainable growing methods, Charentaise distillation and precise blending. It’s no wonder the group has taken home over 60 awards in recent years.

Visit ABK6: Domaine de chez Maillard ,16440 Claix ,+33 (0)545663572 ,Personal guided tours upon request all year around. 5 Euro entrance fee. Other products by ABK6: Pineau des Charentes


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History of ABK6

Established in 2005 by Francis Abécassis, ABK6 is one of the youngest cognac producers in the industry. It has, however, established a strong position in production and distribution despite its young age. The brand boasts a young and innovative approach to Cognac, focusing on single estate Cognacs with every aspect of production taking place in house, encompassing the growth and harvest of eaux-de-vie, fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending and bottling. This guarantees that each step in the creative process is controlled to the most minute detail, ensuring quality and excellence in each Cognac. Elodie Abécassis took over as CEO of the company at only 23 years old, sharing her father’s passion for Cognac and armed with his expertise. The brand is young but bold, adopting a modern approach to its business and marketing to entice a new generation of millennial Cognac drinkers.

ABK6 Today

Now run by the young and ambitious Elodie Abécassis, the business has blossomed into a new age, with a strong presence on social media and contemporary, forward-thinking branding and marketing. ABK6 has also introduced their very own “Cognac Club” an exclusive service that gives members access to special edition bottles, discounts and private tours of the estate provided by their esteemed cellar master. The brand has recently introduced their own online boutique, which includes international shipping.

Flagship Products

ABK6 are renowned for their limitless approach to producing Cognac, pushing boundaries and shaking up the industry with their unique and controversial Cognacs. Of course, the brand produces an excellent selection of Single Estate Cognacs (where the entire production process happens on site), but it was their “Ice Cognac”, launched in 2018, that caused quite the controversy amongst connoisseurs. Rather than being served at room temperature or in a warmed glass, the Cognac has been designed to be refrigerated, served ice cold to offer a delicate and fresh flavor that many VSOPs would struggle to recreate.

Although not a flagship product, it’s worth mentioning the Reserve Artist Collection by ABK65, a limited edition of 5000 individually numbered bottles produced in a unique collaboration with Charente-based artist Julien Drevelle. The Reserve Artist Collection was launched with an exhibition in the cellars of the ABK6 estate, with Drevelle’s works being displayed alongside the estate’s own maturing masterpieces. The bottle’s design is bright and vibrant, and tells the story of art itself and blending as an artform.

Other flagship products include ABK6’s VSOP superior, winner of Best VSOP and World’s Best Cognac at the World Cognac Awards in 2014 and 2017 respectively. The VSOP boasts a wonderfully woody and subtly spicy nose, with harmonious woody and fruity flavors on the palate.

Visit the ABK6 Estate

Visits are available on all three domains owned by ABK6, the manor house Chez Maillard, where the Cognac’s are distilled, is set in a stunning valley surrounded by vineyards with exquisite views of the region. 

Personal guided tours are available on request, with a €5 entrance fee (or free for under 18s). Opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 9am and 12pm and 1.30pm and 5.30pm. Weekend visits are available by appointment only.

Visit the website of ABK6 Cognac

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