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A de Fussigny cognacs are beautifully elaborated in the company’s own distillery, founded in 1814 in the historical center of Cognac, France, on the banks of the Charente River. The river proximity creates a perfect hygrometry in the cellars and accordingly excellent aging conditions. The house hallmark is to combine traditional elaboration methods with a very modern and innovative packaging and brand image. The proximity to the river make for perfect hygrometry and allows the aromas of the to unfold. The product design is extremely different to that of traditional cognacs, the information on the cognac, such as age, name, percentage etc. is handwritten on the label, which makes it very personal.

Visit A de Fussigny: 11 rue des Gabariers, 16100 Cognac, 0033 (0) 5 45 36 61 36, No public visits. www.adefussigny.com

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10 reviews for A de Fussigny Cognac


Gayle 2017-12-09

I bought this in Florida ...The flavor is amazing and I have all my friends hooked on it. We can’t buy it in Nashville
I have tried other more expensive.. and award winning brands and they are
awful in comparison!
This has a smooth fruity warming blast of goodness.
My daughter has looked in California? Why is this so hard to find?.anyone know of any thing similar I can buy?


    Patricio Claro 2016-06-25

    Fantastic Cognac. For me it was a discovery.
    Less than a Paradis, but better than famous brands XOs

      Tomasz 2013-09-02

      I bought a bottle of Cigogne Noire XO brandy, produced and bottled (in 2011) by A. de Fussigny. The label states that it's produced in Cognac area and aged 5 years by the banks of Charente river. Despite all these facts, it's still named brandy. Do you know anything about Cigogne Noire and reasons for it not being labeled cognac?

        Hugh Murphy 2012-12-26

        Dennis Brothers liquor store in Cottage Grove MN stocks Fussigny

          Dario's 2012-11-15

          Dario's Brasserie in Omaha NE. has A. de Fussigny!

            Rob 2012-10-01

            I live in America (Midwest region), and I can't find anyone carrying your product. I would love to try it.

            Any suggestions?

              Jerome 2012-06-29

              Je n'ai jamais goute quelque chose si beau ,je parle du XO et le serie d'Organic.

              Bravo et chapeau ...

              Un jour j'aimerai bien visitez A.Fussigny.

              Salutations et 'A la votre...'




                Yaw Adjei 2012-03-08

                Its a smooth, gracious and pleasantly aromatic premium cognac. Its great packaging indeed magnifies its contents!

                  Marie Sophie Zveguintzoff 2012-01-18

                  Since they have new ownership, A de Fussigny is much better quality. Much smoother, aromatic, light and soft. really like their cool packaging too

                    Jack 2011-12-28

                    A. de Fussigny had a really bad image in the UK these years.. their cognac sometimes tastes like soap.. sorry to say that, but it's true. while the bottle design is really nice, there is a lack of quality sometimes. but also from a brand perspective, Fussigny was not necessarily a product you would go buy as a present (at least not in England).

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                      A de Fussigny Cognac

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                      A. de Fussigny Today

                      The product design is uniquely different to other brands, as it has a very personal approach with its hand-written labels and signature. Their goal is to continue the tradition of this prestigious cognac house, while developing it to become one of the leading innovative cognac houses today. They share beliefs in authenticity, tradition, innovation and independence.

                      News, Awards & Anecdotes

                      In 2010, A de Fussigny was awarded a Gold Medal for Fussigny Selection, a Gold Medal for Fussigny Grande Champagne and a Platinum Medal for the Fussigny XO at the SIP Awards.

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                      There is no visiting information on A de Fussigny's website, contact the cognac house directly to find out...