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Hardy Perfection Terre Earth 2006

This Cognac is no longer produced
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Hardy Cognac
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Private Seller from Lithuania. Stored in a dry place, up-right standing. All duties paid.

Condition: Everything seems fine. New and unopened.

Paper seal - in good condition

Fill level: Mid shoulder

LOT - 20215

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Earthly Pleasures: A Rare Hardy Perfection Terre Cognac bought in 2006 

Housed in a stunning crystal decanter made by DAUM, this rare edition of the Hardy Perfection "Earth" Edition Cognac is represents one of the four elements. The decanter is as precious as the eaux-de-vie within, some of which date back to the 1870s, before the Phylloxera crisis hit the region. 

It was at this moment that the founder, Antoine Hardy, gathered different batches of Cognac from the Grande Champagne. The coffee and chocolate notes are particularly rich, and this Cognac would be crafted with Colombard grapes instead of the usual Ugni Blanc. 

The luxurious jade green decanter represents Cognac Hardy's connection with the terroir, and their ability to work seamlessly with the land to produce very fine Cognac. 

The bottle also arrives with a French certificate signed by a spirits expert in Bordeaux, that confirms it is a real Hardy "Perfection" Cognac. 

Expect rich notes of chocolate and coffee - and with a Hardy Perfection collectible, rest assured that once it's gone - it's gone. 

About Hardy Cognac

With a history dating back to 1863, Cognac Hardy is well known for quality cognacs and traditional production methods. Passed down throughout the generations, this family house of cognac, which can be recognized by its rooster logo, was one of the very first to embrace the spoils of a worldwide distribution network. Thanks to the love of an entrepreneurial Englishman for the French Charentaise countryside, Cognac Hardy boasts a 150 year history of providing a range of cognacs to the four corners of the globe.

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