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Guy Gautier & Co. Grande Champagne Vintage 1865

Guy Gautier and Co
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Guy Gautier and Co
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Private Seller from USA. Stored lying on its side. All duties paid.

Condition: Everything seems fine. New and unopened.

Wax seal - in good condition

Fill level: Mid shoulder

LOT - 20207


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Max von Olfers is the founder of Cognac Expert, and has 10 years of experience with collector item appraisals. The oldest Cognac Max has consumed is from 1855.

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A 19th-century collector's Vintage Cognac from Guy Gautier - located in the USA

We truly can't believe our eyes with this age-old beauty. Behold, a bottle of Guy Gautier & Co. Grande Champagne Vintage Cognac dating all the way back to 1865. Yes, this is a pre-20th century Cognac - and pre-Phylloxera crisis - and therefore an extremely rare treasure indeed. 

This bottle belongs to a private seller in the USA. 

It was crafted with Folle Blanche grapes grown in the prestigious Grande Champagne growing area of the Cognac area more than 155 years ago. Effectively, this Cognac offers a unique glimpse into one exceptional harvest in the region more than a century and a half ago. It's enough to give you goosebumps. 

The fact that this Vintage was produced before the 1870s tells us something really quite special about this moment in history. Before the 1870s, the Cognac region was populated with Folle Blanche vineyards to produce Cognac. It wasn't until the Phylloxera crisis struck and devastated the entire region; effectively wiping out all of the Folle Blanche vines.

To own this Cognac, is to own a rare historical moment that can never be recreated again.

The Guy Gautier Cognac house extends back all the way to the 17th century when Charles Gautier married a winegrower's daughter, Jacquette Brochet. Since then, they have been producing positively regal Cognacs that were even chartered by King Louis XV when he founded the company.

Presentation of the decanter

A small part of the wax seal has worn away with age (unsurprisingly, really) but it is still completely airtight and unopened. The label is simple, cream with red lettering and a red wax seal.

It also arrives in its own delightful wooden box. 

Text on the bottle

  • Cognac Vintage 1865
  • Grande Champagne
  • Guy Gautier & Co. ~ Cognac
  • 4/5 Quart
  • 84 Proof
  • Product of France

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